Dry Grass Blue Sky Pictures

When the tall grass blades were dry as hay, ancient farmers did burn it to fertilize the soil. The foggy smoke raised to the blue sky as this process took place ages ago. Today, modern women plant grass seeds on the lawn to decorate the garden with beautiful green or dried sea-grass blades.

Flooring Wood Patterns

There are countless ways to use natural materials from trees. This is an article for inspiration.

The Fire of the pallets in the stove keeps the house warm. A wood burning stove for home is very romantic, warm and efficient. You can burn pallets in the boiler to boil water and save costs for heating.

Why women like Ubuntu

Epsos.de always wonders why smart women prefer Ubuntu. This short article gives good reasons why talented women prefer Ubuntu over other operating systems.

Software Simplicity

1. Installing Ubuntu is as easy as if it was designed to enable a seven year old child to install software on a laptop of a busy mother.

2. Useful software for daily purposes is a standard part of Ubuntu. Productive women use Ubuntu for daily desires like text editing, music, movie or photo editing.

How to Start a SEM Business

This Epsos.de article is for smart women who want to start a SEM business (search engine marketing). The article is also aimed at talented guys with interest in PPA (Pay Per Action) and affiliate programs.

Explore the Opportunities

The fist step of any successful business is to analyze, and explore the market. To find out what offers are out there, wise women will have to register at PPA offering websites like Linkshare.com, Google's Adsense or at Clickbank.com for digital products.

Cute Free Icons for Facebook with Google and Myspace Friends

This free icons are cute, funny and beautiful. Use them as you want. They are free !
You can upload them online to Myspace, Xanga or Facebook to share your love with a buddy. Using them for ICQ, AIM or MSN Messenger is a great idea. Smart women could also use them for eMail and their own websites.

cute teeth eye free aim icons cute emo cute love cancer blood icon

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