15 ideas for Buying a cheap House in Spain.

The affordable home will create less financial stress for the family !

Buying a cheap house in Spain is a great way to own a home in a developed country with mild weather. If you are looking to purchase a home in Spain, here are the best
options / ideas.

  • Search for houses that are
    sold by Banks
    . Second-hand homes. Always arrange a visit !
    Homes may be sold with a tenant inside.

  • Properties located in suburb areas
    are often much cheaper than those located in the city center.

  • Search for homes in small
    Houses in small Spanish towns or villages are often
    much cheaper than those in large cities.

  • Look for homes near public
    transportation. The Homes near public transportation will save on
    mobility costs for the family. Spain has a good bus network and
    some trains in large metropolitan areas. Not as good as in central
    Europe, but OK.

  • Look at houses that have been on
    the market for a long time. Usually requires walking in the area and

  • Walk around the area that you
    like. Ask 100 people if they know anybody who is
    selling a home in that area.

  • Buy a property from the government
    at https://subastas.boe.es

  • Build it yourself !
    Buy urban land. Apply for the construction permit. Buy a
    prefabricated home and build it on the urban land. The property must
    be located on a land plot that can be urban ! The large farm land
    plots can have a limited farmhouse permit, outside of urban zones.
    Construction permits are required before construction !

home vendors in Spain :

  • Look for properties that are being
    sold as part of a government promotion or special subsidies for
    families. Search about it on the local news.

  • Look for properties that are part
    of a local cooperative of home buyers inside the same new building.

  • Find government subsidies or
    promotions for home buyers.

Have good luck and
much fun during the home building adventure !

PDF about the 15 ideas for bying a cheap house in Spain.

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