18 Beautiful pictures about love and romantic couples

Love is an emotion of the soul and is for unforeseen duration. Love is also an advantage which represents any human kindness, compassion and attachment. The true love also can be described as the sum of actions that are based on compassion or positive emotions.

Romantic love is a set of various feelings and relations with pleasure of interpersonal appeal. "True Love", can create a passionate desire for close proximity between romantic couples. An emotional proximity of familiar love. Or platonic love which defines friendship and deep feelings or devotion in religious love.

This variety of use and the feelings incorporated with complexity of meant feelings, makes love exclusively difficult to understand, in comparison with other emotional conditions. The love is the main assistant in the interpersonal relations and because of its central psychological importance, it is one of the major subjects in creative arts. The romantic love can be understood as a part of an instinct for survival. As a function to hold people together against threats and to facilitate family continuation.

The sad love that the longest lasts, is the love that is never returned. Do not try to know what the love is for each woman, but try find what it means for you. The lover knows all about someone and he wants to be with them more than with any other person. The true love entrusts enough to say everything to lovers, even the things of which couples might be shamed. The romantic love is comfortable and safe with someone, but it still creates weak knees when couples walk in a street and people laugh at them.

One of the worst things in life, is to see a woman you love, to love someone else. If you love someone, set them free. If they return, they were always with you. If they do not return, they were never with you. Trying to force someone to fall in love with you, is the same as trying to control whom you must marry. Love is meaningless, until someone comes and gives it meaning. Every true lover and romantic woman is afraid of something. That is how you know that they love something and are afraid of losing it.

It takes a minute to become attracted. One hour to like someone and a month to fall in love with someone. But it takes a lifetime to forget lost love. You can close your eyes, if you do not want to see, but you can not close your heart against emotions. Passionate love is not blind. It enables couples to see things that others never see.

Women say that they love the flowers, but they also collect them. Men say that they love the trees, but they also cut them down. And the old couples still wonder why women are afraid, when they are loved, because the one who loves you, will also make you cry. It hurts to love someone and not to be loved in return, but the most painful is to love a woman and never find the courage to let the woman know how you feel. Eventually women come to understand that love heals everything and love is all that is needed in life.

The love is a universal concept in the affinity between the people. It is defined of several ways in different ideologies and religions. The love is a deep and intense feeling of affection, compassion and agreement. That beautiful emotion is connected to a person, an animal or to a concept. In China, the true love is any strong connection between the couples, spirits or animals.

The interpersonal love refers to a relationship between romantic couples. It is a feeling that is more powerful than hunger. The romantic love is much closer in interpersonal relationships. It is a strong connection which promotes long relationships that last for many years and even decades. This relationship is based on obligations, such as marriage and children, or on the mutual friendship that is based on things and common interests. This lovely relationship is connected with higher levels of Oxycontin.

Most Christians believe that God is the source and essence of true love. Muslims believe that god is male and that humans must become very close to him. All Muslims must gain his male love. Spiritual love is the central value in the Jewish religion. It requires the Jewish people to love their neighbors. Basic science is different. The theory of the biological basis of love has been explored by biological sciences as an evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychology has proposed the explanations for romantic love. Human children are dependent on their parents. True love is therefore a mechanism for creation of mutual parental support for the children, for an extended period of time. Without this loving relationship, the immortal families would never survive for more than 10,000 years.

Simple women say that love is the taste and a feeling for someone or something great. Those lovely women sometimes marry or continue to love someone, when they continue to love other men in their memory. This behavior is normal and can be explained. The romantic love is based on chemical reactions in the brain. It is a feeling, when someone falls down in the mind. It creates memories that are stronger than reality. Often, the old lovers can be confused with other people.

The first romantic love.

Couples describe the people that they first loved romantically as their "first love". Teenagers often have their very first love at the age between 11 and 15. First love is usually silly and never returned. Romantic love has consequences for health and emotions. Joyful couples can activate their brain for positive emotions, improved attention, blind motivation and better memory and it also can lead to stress reduction. Positive couples are much healthier than people who never had romantic relationships.

An intimate relationship is a very close relationship that involves physical or emotional contact. Intimate relationships involve mutual attraction between people, animals or robots. Intimate relationships provide a social net for people who need strong emotional connections and to fill out the universal need for belonging to something or someone.

A romantic relationship is often described as the magical location. The romantic relationship is the condition or a station for being emotionally connected with someone. Romantic love is the love that is based on marriage and stable relationships in old cultures. The modern cultures can not describe the romantic relationship, because it became too personal for everyone. There are too many versions of relationships between modern couples.

Romance is the pleasure and a feeling from an emotional attraction to another person, animal, group or thing. During the initial stages of a romantic relationship, there is often more emphasis on emotions. Especially, those of romantic love, close intimacy, compassion, appreciation and affinity, rather than physical closeness. In an established relationship, romantic love can be defined as a freeing of intimacy or spirituality. In the old cultures, arranged marriages are customs that may conflict with romance due to the nature of their unfair arrangement. It is possible, that strong romance and true love can exist between the partners in an arranged marriage. But it is very rare in those forcefully married couples.

Spiritual romance between lovers can include predictable as well as emotional and personal sacrifices. Greek philosophers and authors have had many theories about true love. The Greeks believed that romantic couples seek each, because they are controlled by ghosts in their bodies. Courtship is an important period in a life of the couple. In relationship, it precedes their engagement and marriage or establishment of a legal relationship. In courtship, a couple must test each other and decide if there will be a family between them. A courtship can become private between two people or may become a public affair with one formal arrangement and an approval of the family. Traditionally, courtship has been a male activity. Within many cultures, the distinct gender roles have lost their importance. It is now common that young couples initiate relationships and propose marriage without asking anyone for permission. Those romantic couples are often very happy and natural.

The average duration of the courtship is different throughout the earth. There are vast individual differences between young couples within cultures. Courtship may be completely illegal in Muslim countries, because arranged couples never meet before the wedding.

True love is based on respect, understanding and being able to communicate with each other. Love is just love, it can never be explained.

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