Angelina Jolie Tattoos

Asian tiger back tattoo of Angelina Jolie

Talented women often decorate their body to become more attractive. This article is a simple explanation of Angelina Jolie's tattoos. Wise women look at tattoos of Angelina Jolie to find new ideas and inspiration. likes little tattooed actresses very much. Each image on the skin has it's own meaning and a story too. Looking at this tattooed images is like making a long voyage into the personality.

Lower Back Tiger

On her trip to Thailand, Miss Jolie added a Bengal Tiger tattoo to the gallery on her skin. This Bengal Tiger on her lower back is a symbol for her Cambodian citizenship. The Asian tiger also covers a previous image of a blue window, which was a symbol for the loneliness of Angelina. Brad Pitt likes to watch this lower back tattoo from close distance. It also helps to improve Brad's relationship with the nature.

Neck and Shoulders

Miss Jolie loves to decorate her beautiful arms, wrists, the neck and the shoulders with poetic words and magic spells. concluded this obvious fact, after a lengthy look at the pictures of Angelina Jolie tattoos.

Writing words on the skin is a very radical way to demonstrate for the human rights. The Gothic letters on Angelina's neck say: "Know Your Rights". This is a name of the song from her favorite band, "The Clash".

Magic spells are very popular among female tattoo designs. The words on her left shoulder blade are written in Khmer, the Asian language of Cambodia.

A simple translation of the words is:
"Your enemies will run away from you."
"Your riches will always remain yours. "
"Your beauty will be like of Apsara."
"Wherever you go, many will serve and protect you."

Tattooing the body to demonstrate love for the own children is very good. This numbers on Angelina's left shoulder are the geographical coordinates from the locations where her children were born.

N11° 33' 00" E104° 51' 00" is in Cambodia where the adopted son Maddox was born.
N09° 02' 00" E038° 45' 00" is in Ethiopia were her adopted daughter Zahara was born.
S22° 40' 26" E014° 31' 40" is in Namibia where her and Brad Pitt's daughter, Shiloh, was born.
N10° 46' 00" E106° 41' 40" is in Vietnam where Angelina's son Pax Thien was born.

This coordinates also cover the deleted Celtic dragon tattoo and the name of her ex husband Billy Bob.

Hands, Wrists and Arms

Tattooing the arms with Chinese, Japanese or Arabic letters is very popular among celebrities, because tattooed celebrities often believe in a hidden magic behind Asian words. The Arabic letters on Angelina's right arm can be translated as "Strength of Will". This words will remind her to be more courageous and strong.

Negative logic and black humor is a sign of pessimism. The Roman number 13 is written on her left underarm. It was written, because she does not believe in superstition. The irony of this is that she has to think about superstition, each time she looks at her left arm.

Poetic words can heal the female soul. The poetic words of Tennessee Williams are written on Jolie's left arm. This words are, "A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages." It was written, because she felt a strong repression from her mother.

Showing the love for the family is good. A Celtic rune on Angelina's wrist is the letter H. It is a reminder of her brother James Haven. The letter M on her right hand is a reminder for her mother Marcheline Bertrand. Brad Pitt and his children also have their own place on the skin of Angelina. This place is too secret to be mentioned on

Under the Underwear

Symbolic pictures on the skin can be very meaningful. The cross tattoo is a symbol of Angelina's marriage to Johnny Lee Miller.

Religious cross tattoos are very controversial, because most people who have them are atheists or even members of some modern religion that is very different form Christianity. Angelina Jolie is a good example for this people. She has a religious cross tattooed under her underwear. She does not believe in Christianity and would rather be a Buddhist than a Christian.

This black cross also covers a small dragon with a blue tongue. The blue dragon was deleted, because it was tattooed while Angelina was drunk in Amsterdam.

Next to the Christian cross is a phrase written in Latin: "Quod me nutrit me destruit". The phrase means: "What nourishes me, destroys me." Brad Pitt has to read this words each time he looks at the crotch of his wife.

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