Avatar of Paris Hilton vs Megan Fox

This short video is a clear proof that Paris Hilton and Megan Fox are one and the same person. They both have two legs, they both have two arms and if one day Paris Hilton and Megan Fox would visit an ant, this ant could say that they both are one and the same person.

So how does it come that no one noticed that those two celebrities are one and the same person. The answer is simple. Paris Hilton is wearing different masks on different days. But, this is so crazy that even the craziest members of epSos.de did not want to believe it. So, this Video Animation was made to prove the fact.

In this animation Queen Hilton changes her face into the Princess Megan Fox and backwards. They both have a tough conversation. They both use the same body, but their hairstyles are different. Cute Paris is using a short hair cut for blonde women and the stylish Megan is using a short hair style for brunette women who are coloring their hair into red color shades.

Music in this video is from Sunny Neji. The name of the song is "Crush Remix feat Pype & Benny Williams".

Funny Avatar Pictures

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This funny Avatar pictures of Paris Hilton with the face of Megan fox are free to use. Smart women love to use those animated avatar images on social networks and community forums. That's right. You can use those Gif Animations for Free, for any purpose that you want, as long as the kittens stay safe. And yes, you can also edit them !

Conversation Transcript from the video

H: That's Hot !
F: Thank You

H: You stole my Hair Cut, Birch.
F: Mine is red now ! Fork off.... --(her hair color changes to red)

H: Mine was red before too --(her hair color changes to red too)
F: So what ? ... mine is blond now --(her hair color changes to blond)

H: are you envying my Style ?
F: You have paranoid dreams !

H: I will slap you in the face.
F: Try it.

H: aUaa, That hurts --(sound of slapping)
F: You are insane ! --(in a sarcastic voice)

H: Get out of my head, please...
F: Stop talking to yourself !

H: Smeagol loves Gollum... --(insane face expression)
F: You freak me out !

H: I am going to see a doctor now.
F: Will he heal us ?

H: Not really, but we will have fun.
F: OK, as long as it is not a freaky Tri-s0me again. --(sound of kissing)

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