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The different colors of baby eyes is the favorite topic among pregnant women. The different eye colors of beautiful women are very often featured in fashion magazines and movies. There are even specific make-up tips for different eye colors. Intelligent women have a special interest in the male eyes, because they know that their beautiful eyes are the secret windows to their true soul.

Human eye colors can be brown, black, blue, green, gray, hazel, red or violet. The genetics of the eye color are complicated. The colors of the iris are determined by multiple genes. The permanent eye color is determined by the amount and distribution of melanin within the iris. Beautiful brown eyes contain large amounts of melanin. They have the most common color in the world and are very popular in Africa and Asia. Over half of the world's population has dark brown eyes. Green eyes contain low to moderate amounts of melanin. They have the least common color in the world, but can be found frequently in northern and central Europe. Deep blue eyes contain a very low amount of melanin. They are most common in the Baltic Sea region, the northern, the eastern and the central Europe.

The most special eye colors are red and violet. Red eyes have almost no melanin present in the eyes. In 50 thousand years of human history, only 20 cases of natural red eye color have been documented among humans. Violet eyes are the combination of red and blue colors of the iris. Human albinos have red eye colors much more frequently than children of brunette women.

Interestingly, very beautiful women can have a different color for every eye. This beautiful effect is called Heterochromia of the eye. This effect is a result of the relative difference of melanin levels during growth. The different eye colors can be the result of an unusual nutrition during the development of the baby. There is another strange eye condition with two colors within the same eye. This effect is called central Heterochromia. The most famous people with Heterochromia are: David Bowie, Alexander the Great, Mila Kunis and Christopher Walken.

Eye colors are inherited. It is possible to predict the eye color of the baby from the eye colors of the parents. Generally, the genes for darker eye colors replace the lighter colors. The brown gene normally dominates the green gene. The green gene normally dominates the blue gene. This simple rule is not entirely correct, because a child does not necessarily have brown eyes, if one parent has brown and the other parent has blue eyes. It is very normal and common for a blue-eyed child to have both parents with brown eyes. But a brown-eyed baby is very unusual, when both parents have blue eyes. Therefore, predicting the eye color of the baby can be interesting and fun for the parents. A free eye color calculator can allow curious women to have fun with prediction of the future eye color of their baby. The pregnant women can make future predictions by giving the program their own eye color, the eye color of the father and the colors from their parents. Within a click, a prediction will show the probabilities of the eye color for the future child. However, babies are born with very clean eyes. As the child develops, the cells will slowly begin to produce melanin. As the cells continue to produce the pigment, the eye color will change. Most eye color changes happen when the baby is one year old and can continue to change until the age of three.

Beautiful women use the chamomile tea to clean their beautiful eyes from mild infections. The chamomile tea drops are very relaxing for the muscles. Women look better in photos, if they use chamomile tea for cleansing. The cold drops of this tea can improve the vision, heal irritation and remove red vein problems.

A popular effect for young people, are the colored contact lenses. Those lenses are popular among young women, who love to change their eye color according to their emotions. These contact lenses can have the natural colors or even the vibrant tones of pink, violet and red. There are contact lenses that can make the iris look bigger, shiny and deep. Brave women can choose to go to a cosmetic surgery for a permanent eye color change. This procedure involves implanting a thin, flexible silicone into the eye. This procedure is called the Intraocular implant.

Natural eye colors can secretly reveal the health and the personality of a person. Young beautiful women can learn more about themselves through knowledge about their eye color. Intelligent women, who know more about their personality, are more happy in their relationships. This information can help women in dating too.

Women with blue eyes are sentimental and calm. They have the longest lasting relationships. They tend to be kind, pretty and passionate. Cute women with blue eyes are very good kissers. Women with green eyes are very creative and determined. They can understand real opportunities and know their possibilities. They have the most passion when they are in good relationships. Women with brown eyes are very attractive, adorable and love to make new friends. They are kind, polite and jovial. Women with hazel eyes are gorgeous. They have the most unusual relationships. They are good at diversity and try new things more often. They will rarely say no to an interesting challenge. Women with gray eyes are very determined. They put the most passion into their work. They take romance very seriously and hope for a permanent love.

Open up the window to your soul. Find new passion and love through the pair of your own beautiful eyes !

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