Beautiful shipping container house designs

Beautiful shipping container house design.

Shipping containers are used to construct contemporary buildings for living, working, schooling and luxury purposes. Apart from its portability and sturdy structure, many architects and engineers are attracted by the idea of it being Eco-friendly.

Using shipping containers to build houses give an industrial product a new life. In the US, over 700,000 of these containers are abandoned, forming mountains of empty steels sitting in the shipyards throughout the country. Recycling of these steel shipping containers can help to reduce waste and allow many architects to explore their range of creativity and skills. Here are some of the many ways how a shipping container home can be Eco-friendly.

The flat roofs of the shipping containers are perfect for growing a green roof. An Eco-friendly green roof can provide the rooms inside with cool shades during a hot day and warmth during the cold nights. It aids in the distribution of dust and filter air pollutants to improve the air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also greatly reduces electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices.

An Eco-friendly shipping container home cannot be completed without solar panels. It a clever way of maximizing the available space on the shipping container. Not only does it help to reduce emission of greenhouse gases, it also helps to save money on electrical bills for powering the house.

Simple shipping container house design.

Composting toilets are also highly recommended when building Eco-friendly shipping container homes. These toilets does not require any water or small volumes of flush water. It depends on composting, also known as managed aerobic decomposition. Sawdust, coconut choir and peat moss are used to support this process by absorbing liquids and reducing odor.

Use Eco-friendly soya insulation bio-foam on the ceilings and walls of the shipping container homes for reducing noise and keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer. It is made from renewable source of soybean oil. This bio-foam does not contains formaldehyde and is resistant to mold and mildew.

A water garden on the roof of the shipping container home with smooth river rocks or natural rocks also helps to construct an Eco-friendly environment. The rocks will catch the any rainwater runoff from the roof and filters them. These water can be used for watering plants and flushing of toilets. This way, money is saved on water bills. Furthermore, the garden can add tranquility and beauty to the shipping container home.

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