Cheerful SMS Poems and Poetry Rhymes

Here are the examples of modern poetry that women use for short SMS messages. Creative lovers send those poems to each other, because it makes their connection closer, stronger and more beautiful.

-- sms 1 --
Swing your arms, feel the air. All the trees and flowers smile our way. Hold my hands, let us touch the sky, watch the birds that pass us by. A hearty hug for you.

-- sms 2 --
Fluffy clouds are sailing past you. Funny birds are smiling to you. Tiny leafs are waiving at you. Sunny days are waiting for you. Smiley face is non other than you. (o.-)

-- sms 3 --
Look behind you. The footsteps drew a nostalgic picture of you. Look beside you. The shadow dances freely around you. Look in front of you. The images of your future are embracing you. Look within you. The spirit is glowing with vibrancy out of you. ¥(^^)¥

-- sms 4 --
Plant a flower in your soul. Grow a plant in your heart. Feel the fruit in your hand and free the seeds of your mind. You are sweet. (^-^)

-- sms 5 --
May your spirit fly high and far with the seagulls. They will guide you across vast oceans and dense forests, where you will find greatness in everything you accomplish. Have an uplifting day !

-- sms 6 --
Happiness belongs to those who believe in it. Opportunities come to those who take them. Love seeks the lovers, like the bees seek the flowers. Be happy !

-- sms 7 --
A ray of sunlight to brighten your mood. A gush of wind to lighten your feet. A pot of honey to make your smile sweeter. A bunch of flowers to soften your eyes. And hundred kisses to redden your cheeks.

-- sms 8 --
Suddenly thought about you. A person with a good spirit is more alive and wants to do good. We have been created for the greater purpose !

-- sms 9 --
Warmth from the sun for you. I want you to know that cute flowers are smiling at you. )*

-- sms 10 --
Of all the places my legs can carry me, I wish they take me to you. With all the grayness around, I wish my smile can brighten your mood. In my heart, I wish to embrace you. When you are lost, I wish to guide you. Warmest greetings !

Thank you for being good. Send a nice message to someone who is good too !

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Be happy. Talk with people.

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