The Dress of Jessica Alba for Eva Longoria

On a lonely evening, Eva Longoria was reading her favorite gossip blog. The screen changed colors and pages, until she found the latest promotional pictures of Jessica Alba who was selling her newest dress in a very fashionable boutique of Eva became very jealous as she looked at the glamorous pictures. Her lips started to curl. The unstoppable envy made her face to become as red as the glowing surface of the planet Venus. She pressed her lips together, as if she was feeling pain.

Slowly healing from her envy Eva, starred at the colorful pictures of Jessica Alba on the bright display of her computer. Suddenly her pink lips started to open. She grinned much wider as it was healthy for her soft facial skin. And finally, she broke the silence of her bedroom with a paranoid laughter that lasted for two minutes at least.

The reason for this was an ingenious thought that infected Eva's innocent mind. She formed a clever plan to make a very talented joke with Jessica Alba. Eva's personal goal for this joke, was to appear more fashionable than Miss Alba. The joke required some time, costly preparation, cold patience and luck.

The preparation.

Happily walking Eva entered the fashionable boutique of, where Miss Alba bought her latest dress. She proudly ordered five dresses that looked exactly the same as the beautiful dress of Jessica Alba. Then she smiled with her deeply satisfied smile and happily rushed out of the boutique.

Trying to calm down Eva, dialed the private number of the yet clueless Jessica. She pretended to miss Miss Alba very much and invited her to the glamorous dinner party that she was secretly planning for the weekend. The generously polite Miss Alba immediately accepted the enthusiastic invitation. Overwhelmed with excitement Eva Longoria, noted that everyone should wear a fashionable dress at her dinner party, because she had something special to celebrate. Slightly surprised Jessica expressed that she was happy to hear this, because she just bought a very fashionable dress that she never wore before.

An euphoric smile of success expanded itself over the cute little face of Eva Longoria. Her heart started to beat faster. She quickly excused herself with a short lie about a call at her other phone, just to be able to end the conversation, because she was no longer able to control her over-stressed emotions and feared that Jessica could detect them in her trembling voice.

At the Dinner

As the dresses arrived at Eva Longoria's secret home, the desire for playing her intelligent joke grew even bigger. She invited her best friends for a big dinner party at the weekend. Than she spoke in front of her patient servants. Eva ordered them to cook the most delicious food that was ever cooked in her house. She gave a rather lengthy speech that everyone should smile at least 80% of the time. After this, she advised everyone to serve every guest at her dinner party, except of Jessica Alba. She also promised double payment to every servant who would serve her guests kinder than their own children and ignore Jessica Alba as much as possible.

Friendly speaking voices filled the house of Longoria as her guests arrived at the dinner party. The politely conversing people spoke about funny news, their latest vocations, the tasty food, their jobs, their children and other people who were not present at the party. Everyone seemed to be entertained. The servants were extremely polite and helpful to the guests. They served and smiled as generously as their rich overlord Longoria ordered them to.

The unsuspecting Jessica Alba finally arrived at the house of the suspiciously friendly Eva Longoria. It appeared that she had spend hours to make herself extra beautiful for the party. The superior beauty of Jessica's glamorous hairstyle was a perfect combination to the hot colors of her newest dress, which softly pressed itself against the polished skin, so that it was almost impossible to avoid looking at her white bikini strings under the dress.

Brightly smiling Jessica Alba entered the big dining hall of Longoria's giant home. She tried to be extra nice by greeting everyone personally. She smiled and the people seemed to smile back even before she started to talk to them. She looked around. Everyone was glancing in her direction.

Silent laughs filled the room. Jessica was starting to feel very uncomfortable as a complete stranger asked her to hold his half empty glass of red wine and ordered her to bring something more refreshing. She smiled politely, because she was thinking that this strange man of old age had made an inappropriate joke with her. The man impulsively repeated his wish. He made a disappointed face and asked: "Don't you work here. Now be a good girl and bring me another one." The perplexed Jessica refused politely. The old man shook his head and went away.

A strong feeling of discomfort filled the chilled heard of Jessica Alba. She looked around to find someone familiar, just to gain more confidence among the strangers. She recognized some actors, women of business, people of sport and a group of young women around Paris Hilton. This simple-minded women pointed fingers in her direction and laughed as shameless as a rude boy at the age of twelve. It took a moment for Jessica to realize that they were pointing at someone behind her. She turned around. A rose red color of shame came over her previously pale face. She looked at two beautiful women, who had the same expensive dress as her own. The women seemed to serve the guests around them. The growing shame began to consume the thoughts of Jessica Alba.

Recovering from her shock, Jessica glanced at the large wooden door to the kitchen where she hoped to escape. The door opened and two other women in the exact same dress as her own entered the dining hall. Eva Longoria was standing behind them. She smiled with her satisfied smile of joy. This evil smile helped Jessica Alba to realize that Eva played a very rude joke with her. She felt defeated, ashamed and enraged. She quickly entered the kitchen, slapped Eva in her smiling face and ran away as fast as her expensive shoes allowed to run.

Romantic Revenge.

Infected with rage Jessica, could not forget her shameful defeat, even two month after the glamorous dinner party ended at the royal house of the gossip queen Longoria. Notoriously thinking about revenge, Miss Alba could not work at the full capacity of her talent. Her overheating mind was preoccupied with thoughts about her glorious victory over Eva Longoria. Her colorful dreams were filled with alternate realities where she was standing among her best friends who laughed about a desperately lonely and ashamed Eva.

Knowing what she wanted was easy for Jessica Alba. All she needed was an opportunity to revenge her public defeat. Long weeks passed. It seemed as the revenge was becoming more and more impossible, because no real opportunity offered itself. Slowly forgiving Jessica, was just about to forget her immoral plans as rumors of Eva's affair with a young lover surfaced the stormy ocean of celebrity gossip news.

Clapping her hands together, Jessica Alba realized with joy that the moment for her revenge had finally come. She instantly understood how she could repay Eva Longoria for her humiliating joke. She had known Longoria's lover for years without to know that he was having a secret affair with Eva. It was one of her best friends, Chris Brown. She quickly composed a massage for the yet innocent lover, who was about to play a puppet in her complex revenge on Eva. The message contained a warm greeting and an invitation to a cup of coffee at a very well visited restaurant of

Leaving his office, Chris Brown hoped to meet Eva for playing Tetris with her. Exactly in this moment, he received a short message from Jessica Alba. Creamy dreams about coffee flashed the overheated mind of Chris Brown as he replied to the lovely message from Jessica. He agreed to meet her, because he felt an urgent desire to speak about his complicated relationship with Eva. He also hoped to forget his personal troubles, after drinking hot coffee in a pleasant company of Miss Alba.

Glowing with hope, Chris arrived at the crowded restaurant of, where Miss artful Alba already awaited him. She wore her lovely short dress that revealed more of her skin that should be allowed to see. Her honest intention was to seduce Chris Brown, so that she could repay Eva's rude joke with a burning pain of a jealous heart. She flashed her eyes, licked her glossy lips and curled her long hair, while she pretended to listen to Mr. Desperate Brown, who passionately argued about the growing complexity of his secret relationship with Eva Longoria. His eyes turned red and he almost began to cry, while he complained that he was sick of being the second man for Eva, who only used him to bring passion into her ailing marriage.

Pretending to understand, Jessica offered to continue the conversation at her comfortable house, because she felt that it would be more appropriate for a private discussion. Hoping to be understood, Chris agreed without resistance. Forty minutes later, they entered a lovely decorated living room in the house of Alba. The warm light, the sweet music and the six bottles of Mexican beer made Chris Brown very relaxed. He felt as if he found his soul mate in the twisted personality of Jessica Alba, who in response seduced him to play a very long game of bedroom Tetris.

Euphorically smiling Mr. Brown decided to end his secret affair with Queen Longoria, after he has been dating the princess Alba for about six weeks. He claimed that he has found his true love and was sick of playing a second lover for Eva, who turned into a red monster of fury, after she learned that Chris left her in an unfair exchange for a more refreshing romance with her sworn enemy Jessica Alba. Their fraudulent romance lasted for another three weeks which was more than enough to ensure the exhausting jealousy of Eva. After this three weeks of playing a perfect romance, the artful Alba broke up with Chris Brown, because she was never interested in him as a person. And this is why the wounded heart of Chris Brown resolved to avoid Latin American women.

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