English Podcast about the Sapiens Civilization History Book from Yuval Noah Harari.

Podcast about the Sapiens Civilization History Book.

Our world can be the wonderful place, if we have a positive perspective. Our planet can be beautiful, if we like it.
Our civilization can be beautiful, if we like how it creates value for our personal life. All of those things can be very difficult, if we have a negative personal perspective about life and our history.

There is a very good book with the name "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari. This book is about the history of the human civilization
on the planet earth. The "Sapiens" book does explain the steps of our human civilization. There are historic facts. Very interesting theories and a lot of interesting stories from the history of our planet.

The book explains how the humanity did become the force of total domination on planet earth. "Yuval Noah Harari" is an excellent writer who creates a very good explanation theory that the humanity did evolve to be what we are, because there were multiple forces that are outside of the human control.

The book does explain how the inventions like language, agriculture, religion, war or imperialism did create the history of the human civilization. There are a lot of good jokes in the book. The jokes make it more interesting. A very similar book about the history of human civilization is "Guns, Germs, and Steel". It was published by "Jared Diamond" in 1997. The "Sapiens" book form "Yuval Noah Harari" is an excellent addition to the same topic. Both books together are 10X better than one of them alone.

The personal error of "Yuval Noah Harari" is that he left out the human emotions and the human spirit from the history of the humanity. It is a huge error, because the significant historic events, invention, or progress steps of our civilization were
the result of human emotions like love, motivation, curiosity, greed, ambition, joy to be useful and productive.

The human culture is the result of many things. Evolution. Useful resources. Economic networks. Local cultural restrictions. Personal development during childhood. The type of food we eat. The limits of creativity. The limits of personal time. The mathematical limits of available infrastructure. The access to information and positive success examples from other people.

The human with a good bicycle is the most efficient animal in the solar system. The human with very good tools is the most powerful animal in all the galaxy we can see in the sky. The knowledge, the tools, the culture, the environment are all valid reasons for the development of our history.

The productive civilization will grow because it has the power to overcome the bad things that occur in the world. All the traditional societies that exist in the world either come from ancient civilizations, or from civilizations that were crushed by the bad things that have happened to them. Any civilization with the power to develop technology and set a positive trend in knowledge will get in to the edge of the galaxy and occupy that place forever.

There is a very large missing part the history that the "Sapiens" book form Yuval Noah Harari did not talk about.
The personal ambition, motivation and personality make a huge difference between two identical humans.

One person can have a very large house, a lot of money, a lot of resources and a lot of love. This same person can live in dirt and trash around the house, because there is no personal preference to create a clean environment. Some keep their environment very clean. Other people create trash and dirt around their own house. What does explain this difference ?

The difference is in the personal character, motivation and ambition of the person. Such personal differences may seem small on the large scale of human history. Those things seem less important than armies or cultural revolutions. In reality, one person can create a lot of change, when others do see the very simple, effective and positive example for how to do things better.

Our history is a collection of errors, lessons and personal mistakes that we can all use as a lesson. We are where we are, because we did create an internal perception of our world. We keep this perception alive, or we try every day to change it. The creative, the motivated, the ambitious people and the people who create love in their family do create the positive change in the history of our civilization. Many inventions were made for the reasons of love, because the inventors did want to help their children to live a better life. Many social innovations were created by the loving parents, because they wanted their children to live in the better cultural environment.

The evolution of our history is in the steps of mistakes and the correction of those mistakes.
The evolution of our personal live is also the collection of personal mistakes and the correction of those mistakes.

The most important and the fundamental problem facing humanity is that we are living in an ecological and global economy where the personal resources are limited. They cannot be used in the way that we want them to be used. We need to create new forms of production. We need to create new forms of consumption. We need to create new forms of consumption that are based on the principles of cooperation and sharing the cost and the use of the resources.

Our task is to make these changes. This new production and consumption forms are going to be based on new techniques and new forms of distribution . These new forms of distribution are going to be based on social ownership. They will be based on the principle of common ownership by the users of the product or the public service. The product must become the service that can be shared in the between the customers at the different time. We need new service businesses that offer products for rent and co-sharing, instead of complete purchases.

The management of such sharing services is the difficult task that must be profitable. We need to automate many parts of the process. We also need to keep the human spirit and the community atmosphere between the customers. Each person must feel responsible and integrated as a member of the customer tribe who is working together with others for the better future that is more affordable and more simple for all the next generations. Or at least for the future self as a customer. When the customer feels included into the ownership of the shared product, then there is more emotional connection to the service itself.

The new economy is going to be based on the community of customers. The corporation of the business will assume the role of the moderator and the administrator between the customer. This role will be the service of the companies. Women are naturally more evolved to do such jobs. The men can contribute with production and maintenance of the shared goods and service machines.

Their role will be the administration of the shared goods and services . This job is going to be less efficient than the management of sales, but a lot more cost-efficient, if the product of the service can be sold to multiple customers who buy the subscription to the product. The customers can not have the full ownership, but they will enter into the sharing agreement with other users and the service administrator.

The full price of the service access will be the shared price + service fee + small fee for insurance + fee for investment into the new product development.

The service-product combo must cost a lot less than the cost of a new product with complete ownership !

Like a ticket for the train, instead of buying the whole train for every customer.

Or like getting the refund, at the end of the use cycle of the product, when we return the product into the shared network of products.

Durable baby products are perfect for this service model, because babies grow fast and we need to change their products fast too.

The continuous product development should be part of the subscription feedback from paying customers. They would be the fastest to adopt new product, if they are honest about their feedback.

The service administrator is the first customer in the product development.

Because the service-product combo will be the tool of the service administrator. If the tool is made durable and simple, then the business can be durable too.

Good health and the happy long life to you !

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