Funny birthday card with a drawing

Women say that a drawing is a form of visual art. They also say that it makes them feel good. The relative availability of basic drawing instruments, makes drawing more universal than most other media. Drawing is generally connected with the marking of lines and areas onto the paper. Traditional drawings had few colors. When paper became generally available, cute drawing pictures became increasingly common.

Women of today replaced paper with screens and brushes with fingers. They love to create funny drawings on their mobile phones. Very often the simple art is used as a form of communication between women. The new digital drawings replace words and SMS messages for some women who like to communicate in colors.

Creating colorful drawings is the new fashion. They can be used for telling a quick story or as a digital gift for the birthday of a friend. Smart phones with good touchscreens are the new tool for women who love to create drawings and send them as a surprising message.

The picture of the funny drawing was created with a mobile phone and is just the beginning of a new trend that creative women are starting around the world.

Be good to yourself. Create new art and speak to your friends about it !

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Be happy. Talk with people.

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