How to find out where the cold comes into the house.

Insulation foam for cold walls.
Insulation foam against the cold air.

If we have a kitchen exhaust ventilator at home, then this process is very simple. Close all the doors and windows. Switch on the kitchen exhaust ventilator. Now the air from inside of the house will have a lower pressure. The cold air from the outside will move into the house through the holes, cracks and gaps of the house. We can find where the cold comes into the house, when we can feel with the hand where the cold air is moving into the house.

If there is no exhaust ventilator in the kitchen, then the same can be done with a strong ventilator that will pump the inside air out of the small window.

The beauty of this simple trick is that it does increase the movement of the cold air in the small holes. We can feel the cold air with our hand, if we use this method. The usual areas of the cold holes are around the window and door frames. Sometimes there are unexpected surprises. With this simple method was able to discover a hidden hole behind the AC unit and the different cables that were coming into the walls from the outside.

Once we find all the cold holes, then we can know where we need to insulate our house. If the window frames are a little bit flexible, then we are lucky. One can bend the window frames a little and then use the foam for insulation. If you are going to use the foam for insulation, then remember that the most important thing is to prepare the area in advance. Use sticky tape, paper, carton, or plastic foil to cover the areas around the injection points of the insulation foam. This foam is very sticky and very difficult to clean, that is why we must cover the area with something that will protect the walls and frames from the insulation foam that will exit the injection area of the insulation foam.

If everything is covered and prepared well, then we can fill out the empty gaps and holes with the insulation foam. We can use the plastic gloves or kitchen paper for the movement of the plastic tube that we use for the injection of the insulation foam into the cold gaps between the window frames or doors. When the insulation foam comes out of the injection point, then it is time to move the plastic tube out and repeat the same process with the next gap or cold hole in the wall.

Have a long happy life and good luck with the insulation projects !

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