Human Brain Training

Self-improvement is a humble goal of The recently achieved advances in neurological brain research are able to help even the most regular people to enhance their cognitive abilities. It was a long known fact that listening to special music can be used for deep brain stimulation. The more surprising fact is that the modern, electronic music was found more effective than the classic music of Mozart or Beethoven. The right combination and volume of the music has a significant influence on human memory, creativity, mental strength and happiness.

The wonderful part of this proactive brain training with music, is that it is very easy. All you have to do, is to listen to three songs of Aril Brikha. His music was found ideal for mental training and music therapy.

The training consist of three songs: "Leaving me, Winter and Room 337". The sequence and the volume seem to be essentially relevant for achieving desirable results. The volume should be just under the level of loud. Everyone hears differently, so the right volume is different for every person.

The music contains repeating sequences that change and evolve over time. Aril's song "Leaving me" was designed to clear the mind of distraction and worries. The song named "Winter" helps to stimulate the brain cells and the beautiful song with the name "Room 337" prepares the mind to process information of any kind.

After this brain training, the speed of reaction and the short term memory will increase. Regular people will have to wait five minutes before the effects start to take action. After waiting for five minutes, you can start learning or working on anything that requires creativity and unusual thinking. hopes you will use your newly acquired potential to create beautiful art or to improve life for the others.

Closing the eyes seems to increase the effectiveness of this training, because the mind will adept to the stimulating sequences of the music more quickly.

Listening to the mentioned music also proved to have beneficial effects for the mental health. People who trained with Aril's music, appeared to be more happy, less aggressive and more immune to stress. In addition to this the music of Aril Brikha can heal depression, emptiness and indifference.

Playing Computer Games

Training the brain by playing, is a dream that can be realized today. Desperate women like to solve Sudoku puzzles or playing video games to improve their cognitive and perceptual skills. Strategy games help these women to improve the sense of logic, patience and planing. They often use simulation games like "The Sims" to develop social skills. This way the non-social people learn how to interact with other people in different situations. If this does not work, then they play action or adventure games to increase their depth of perception, fast thinking and reaction.

Physical Exercises

A healthy body is a good sign for mental health and strength. Regular physical activity can increase the potential of the nervous system. It can also increase productivity and efficiency of the brain functions, because physical activity will clean the head from unnecessary thoughts. Additionally to this, physical exercise will help to avoid the disconnection of the body from the brain, which is often related to excessive thinking.

Relaxed swimming, basketball, elegant aerobics or just playing Ping-Pong will be enough to revive the body and to increase the circulation of the blood. The improved cerebral blood flow will act as a stimulator for the development of the brain cells. Additionally to this the mental abilities could be stimulated by eating tasty food with fresh vegetables, natural honey, sweet fruits, fish and pure nuts without salt.

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