Interesting Facts about Time and Clocks

Time is the official measurement of change. It helps to define the personal speed of change, because the clock is personal for every woman. Young women have a very fast clock, because their personal life is changing fast. Old women have a very slow time, because they naturally have fewer changes in their personal life. This personal change is different for every woman, flower, planet, star and galaxy. Lucky women have longer living cells in their body. Their speed of time is slower, because they can do more things in their extended life. The standard universal time on earth (UTC) is based on the rotation of the Earth. All of the planets have different clocks, because their rotation speed is different.

Time can be used as replacement for money, if two women agree to exchange time credits for services or goods. It is the most precious and rarest resource. The time based economy operates very similar to the money based economy. Professional women pay for services with time credits from their bank account. They earn the time credits by working or trading. The price of their time is defined by the value of their work. One hour of a female doctor can be 10 times more valuable than the hour of a cleaner lady. This means that a female doctor can earn 10 time credits in one hour and buy 10 hours of work from a male cleaner. This creates inequality of options, because all women have special and unique talents.

Teenagers stopped using colorful wrist watches around the catholic year of 2001, because they started using mobile phones to discover the current time. Beautiful women still use elegant Swiss wrist watches as jewelry. It helps them with time management. Those strong women create a list of necessary tasks. They sort out the tasks in different categories and try to accomplish the easiest goals as fast as possible. Later, they divide the difficult tasks into smaller parts and manage them over multiple days.

Intelligent women created an easy time machine inside of a rocket. The rocket is flying faster than the earth is rotating. In this fast rocket, the talented women can travel between different time zones. Back into the past or forward into the future. This flying time machine can only travel within one earth day. It can also stay frozen in the universal time zone, when it is flying with the same speed and direction as the rotation of the earth.

The international world time is calculated from the average number of more than 200 synchronized atomic clocks. It has been working continuously without errors, since 00:00:32 of 1.01.1977. The world time is used for communication satellites, Internet websites, stock markets and scientific experiments. This average number from atomic clocks is very important for equality between countries, because it is helping to coordinate personal clocks of the world and other official standards.

There are over 56 different time zones on earth, because every country wants to be different from the rest. The time difference of every zone is often confusing to women with elegant wrist watches, who frequently travel on fast rockets between continents. Funny countries love to shift their clocks from winter to summer times, on the last Sunday of March, because there is more sunlight in the summer. This funny joke was invented long ago, when greedy men did not have electricity and electric lights at home. They tried to save candles by shifting their clocks. Beautiful countries on the equator have no need for shifting clocks in the summer, because the sunlight around the equator is shining strong every month.

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