Let Your Love Grow by Modeselektor feat. Paul St. Hilaire

Let Your Love Grow by Modeselektor is one unusually good combination of electronic minimal tunes and awesome Reggae vocals. Devoted music lovers of epSos.de are perpetually amazed how inhumane perfect this minimal track is. It makes you happy, emotional, euphoric and sad, because no meter how good you are, it will be impossible to create a more beautiful minimal Reggae song than this one.

The vocals in this minimal-Reggae track are sung by Paul St. Hilaire. His beautiful voice is mixed into the minimal tune with a similar rhythm as his voice. Both the vocals and the electronic music of Modeselektor fit perfectly together.

Let Your Love Grow video on youTube.
Here is the page of that awesome track on Last.fm. The song was first released on BPitch Control in the sunny September of 2007.

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