Organic Gardening Ideas for the Green Garden

Modern women appreciate green gardening as a form of lifestyle. Their personal gardens help them to be connected with nature. They know that a good garden is a comfortable home for many different types of wonderful animals and insects. Lazy lizards and happy bees in the green garden make them smile. Creative gardening ideas of help to make organic gardening one healthy and interesting hobby for active women.

Plant flowers near vegetables.
Plant colorful flowers around the vegetable garden. The flowers will attract many hardworking bees, beautiful butterflies and other useful insects to the plants. The insects will pollinate the vegetables and increase the efficiency of the garden.

Create a natural habitat.
Establish a healthy relationship with birds, butterflies and bees. They help to pollinate the growing plants and keep the irritating pests away. Use bird houses for the beautiful birds. The little houses will encourage the birds to live in the green garden. The cute birds will begin to raise families. Their little chicks will eat a lot of insects and snails that would eat the green garden, if they are not eaten by the birds. Intelligent women can create different bird houses depending on the size of the birds that they want to attract.

Create healthy soil.
A healthy diet of the plants starts with a healthy soil. Eco-friendly women create their own soil with organic matter for the green garden. Deposit leftovers of food in an airy compost bin. The fresh compost will enrich the soil with nutrients. The rotting food will attract worms that will fertilize the soil with good bacteria. Chopped leaves, wood, grass and other organic materials are very good for the soil. Mix the soft organic waste with hard wood and stems, if you can. The hard wood will create little holes in the soft compost. It will help the worms and bacteria to breath easier underground. Organic compost is the perfect fertilizer for demanding plants. Organic compost helps the female gardeners to be more confident to grow healthy vegetables for their own consumption.

Plant different combinations of vegetables, fruits and flowers.
Creative women plant many different combinations of plants. Different combinations of plants create different results in every garden, because the soil is different everywhere. Planting different combinations of plants can help the female gardeners to find the best combination for their own green garden. Good combinations of local and useful plants can turn any soil into a beautiful and eco-friendly landscape. More diversity is better and stronger against pests. Diversity will attract more animals and insects who will visit the green garden more frequently and help the nature to manage the irritating pests.

Make organic fertilizer.
Liquid fertilizer works faster than compost. Intelligent women can make their own organic fertilizer. Deposit green leaves, grass and unneeded plants in the water for two weeks. The nutrients from the plants should dissolve in the water. The water will become an organic fertilizer with nitrogen. Water the weak plants with this liquid fertilizer. The nutrients in the water will promote healthy growth of the plants and vegetables.

Tea and coffee for the sour plants.
Leftovers of tea and coffee can be used to change the properties of the soil. Use the leftovers of tea and coffee to make the soil more acidic. The acid-loving plants like blueberries and raspberry will love it. Plant-friendly women can sprinkle cold tea or coffee around the plants once in a month. The cold tea and coffee will help the eco-friendly garden to keep the acidic balance of the soil. This technique is very useful for potted plants.

Use eco-friendly garden furniture and building materials.
Happy women love to decorate and personalize their green gardens. Natural garden furniture and building materials from locally produced wood or from recycled and reclaimed materials is better for the green garden, because it has less toxic chemicals. Less toxic chemicals are better for the plants and the organic gardener. Those materials look better and are more unique. Their environmental damage is smaller.

Build small greenhouses for each plant.
A small greenhouse is a good place for young plants. Creative women can create a warmer climate for their young plants. The warmth of the greenhouse will help the plants to grow faster. Small greenhouses can be made from transparent plastic boxes or glass containers from packaging. The warm rays of the sun will shine through the transparent boxes and make the soil warmer. The boxes and glasses can be relocated or removed when the plants are bigger. The individual greenhouses will protect young plants from strong wind, heavy rain and cold weather.

Create organic pesticides.
Healthy plants make the green gardening much easier. Resourceful women mix natural products to keep their organic gardens more eco-friendly and healthy. The mix of a few drops of the tea tree oil with water can reduce fungus. A simple mix of 5 tea tree oil drops or one small garlic with one liter of water can remove fungus. Spray the organic pesticide mix on the fungus every 3 days. This organic pesticide will prevent or remove fungus from the small plants, fruit trees and vegetables. Fresh tea of the chrysanthemum flowers can be sprayed on the plants. The smell of chrysanthemum flowers will remove the irritating insects that eat the beautiful plants. Alternatively, garlic and onions can be mixed with water to remove bad insects. The onion or garlic puree should be mixed with water. A mild garlic mix can be sprayed on fruits, flowers and tree trunks. The harsh smell of the garlic will destroy the little bugs very fast.

Save expensive water.
Economical women keep a large barrel in their beautiful garden. The barrels collect rain water. The water is free and much softer than the water from the pipe. Irrigating the green gardens with rain water is cheaper and more friendly for the small plants. This intelligent idea helps to save money and ensure that the water for gardening is free from chemicals. Creative women can catch rainwater from the roofs, plastic tents or fog nets. Small stones or dry grass can be placed around the plants to prevent the water from evaporation.

Worms are the best for gardening.
Worms are the most environmentally friendly way to compost organic waste. Breeding the worms with leftovers from food is very easy. The worms eat the organic waste and fertilize the soil with good bacteria. The worms make the soil softer for the roots. The helpful worms create little holes for the needed air. The air is fertilizing the plants with nitrogen and CO2. Brave women use worms to turn kitchen waste into top quality compost and fertilizer. Using worms in the green garden is an efficient and environmentally friendly way of gardening. Worms help to save the costs of gardening. They help to create healthier plants without the use of harmful fertilizers.

The eco-friendly gardening methods will keep the plants healthy and green. The greener garden helps shy women to be more happy and creative in life. Creative gardening ideas can turn a simple lawn into a beautiful landscape. Creative gardening ideas help intelligent women to adapt better in the city. It helps them to connect with nature. It helps them to forget about stress and emotional pain. It helps them to be more eco-friendly and to eat healthy. Beautiful women feel more confident in a greener garden, because their creative efforts make them feel proud and safe.

Stay creative, have fun !

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