Photo of Bus Passengers and Public Transportation

Traveling by bus is a social experience. The shaky routes, the rude drivers and dirty seats are very stressful in the public transportation. Happy passengers accept the negative sides of the bus, because the public transportation offers advantages over personal vehicles.

The frequent schedule of the electric auto-buses in big cities and urban areas is a friendly service for the people who live along the routes of the buses. Public transport reduces the cost of living and improves comfort for the commuters who feel sick or sleepy.

Public transport has economic and environmental benefits. It can be fun with friends and less stressful than driving. But in some countries like Singapore the buses are a nightmare, because the government of Singapore wants to earn more profit at the expense of the passengers.

The transport system of Singapore is designed to be cheap, stressful, fast and cold. The bus drivers are imported from cheap countries and have low qualifications. They are paid by the speed, so they start and stop very fast. The temperature of the bus is cold, because the government buys old, cheap and broken auto-buses from other countries. The bus is often full, because the extremely capitalistic government wants to put as many passengers into the bus as possible. So that one driver can transport as many people as possible and reduce the necessity for buying additional buses.

It should be more comfortable and better for the passengers in Singapore.

Public Transport is much better in other countries. Just across the border of Singapore, in the beautiful country of Malaysia, the transportation service is less stressful. The electric buses are older, but more comfortable. The Malaysian drivers are friendly, social and less stressed. The fares are cheap and the short distance travel in a first class bus is more comfortable than in a small airplane seat.

Go by bus. Have a nice trip !

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