Picture of a Funny Baby Face

A wish of a curious parent is to know how the baby will look, even before it is born. This humble wish is very natural, because it gives the parents a necessary motivation and optimism to invest everything into the yet unborn baby.

Modern technology and image processing software is able to help those parents who want to see the pictures of their babies even before they grow up. The unrelated relative of epSos.de, the FaceResearch.org is helping parents to do just that.

The software of that rather funny research website combines two faces into one. So that it can predict the funny face of a baby for those two lucky people.

Predicting the face of the own baby is sure fun, but there is a much funnier way to utilize this service. It would be possible to create a baby for two celebrities that never had any children. Or it could also crate a baby that has two mothers but no genetic father at all. It would be also possible to create transgenetic mutants of animals and humans.

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