Short Brunette Hair Styles for Black Women

Deeply thoughtful Rihanna Fenty loosened her curly head. She leaned back in her warm armchair of light brown color. Emotional thoughts about life and journeys flooded her tired mind. Sad questions began to walk across the virtual field of imagination in Robyn Rihanna Fenty's head. This sad questions did not provide any answers to her. She asked herself, if she could be more happy, if she made different decisions in the past. She asked herself, if she could be one of those naturally happy black women from the latest images of fashion styles of short black hair for women who have romantic relationships.

Unable to find answers to her personal questions Rihanna Fenty decided to talk with her famous girlfriend Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. She invited her to a personal conversation, because Beyonce was one of the happiest friends in the social circle of her African-American friends with naturally dark brown hair styles for black women.

The brunette beauty of Beyonce's black hair extensions made the brave heart of Robyn Fenty to beat faster, when Miss Knowles exited her new electric car behind the suburban house of miss Fenty. A friendly smile, a kiss on the cheek and a formal handshake helped her excited heart to beat even faster. The gladly smiling friends went into the hidden garden of roses, where Rihanna expected to find answers to her burning questions. In the hidden garden of roses, the attractive couple of friends sat down at a comfortable bamboo table, which was already decorated with tea and fruits.

Naturally curious Beyonce noticed an urgent need in the dark brown eyes of her favorite brunette Miss Fenty. Her heart started to warm up. She was ready to talk, after she drank yet another cup of white tea from the brilliant blend of Her suspicion was confirmed, when Robin began to complain about her ineffective efforts to become happy, which made her even more disappointed about her personal life. A surprised face of Miss Knowles became a curvy mess of unexpected emotions, because Rhianna has always been her favorite example of a truly happy woman with short brunette hairstyles.

Trying to comprehend Beyoncé Knowles asked Robin Fenty, why she felt unsatisfied, because she did not want to admit that the natural dark hair color of Robin was actively misleading about her inner happiness. The polite Rihanna patiently explained that she felt an urgent need to have a joyful life, like one of her happy sisters from her family pictures of haircuts for Asian women.

Useful Giselle Knowles immediately empathized the situation. In a beautiful, soft voice she said: "You have become someone else by doing what people awaited from you. You are living a stereotype of an elegant, fashionable, popular girl from the beautiful pictures of short haircuts for black women." The edgy face of Robin twisted itself into an obviously helpless form. She began to speak more slowly in an ashamed voice, as if it was painful for her to open her mouth. The words became too heavy to be expressed. With difficulty, she said: "I felt better by making people happier. So, I did what they expected."

Reassuring Beyoncé answered in an informed voice: "No need to feel ashamed for making people happy." You can continue to do it, but you have to be more natural and receptive to your own desires. Do it smart. Become friends with the natural beauty. Change your superficial identity with one of the new haircuts for natural brunette women. The conversion will help you to become naturally contented again. Friendship with the natural beauty helps fashionable women to feel relaxed, easy and satisfied with life.

Emotionally melting Rihanna filled her brown eyes with flashes of hope. Her inner abashment helped her to feel confidence in the wise proposal of Beyonce Knowles. Growing in confidence, she awkwardly asked how to know what is natural for her, because after long years of living her life for the others, she almost forgot how to be open to her own wishes.

Widely grinning Beyonce proposed to arrange a private styling party with a female stylist, who would kindly help to decorate Rihanna's round head with one short haircut style for black hair in a familiar atmosphere of her own house. The brilliant suggestion of a personal service from a haircutting stylist seemed very compelling. And so, the female stylist was requested for an afternoon party on a sunny summer Sunday. The warmth of the sun, the soft electronic music and the friendly space of her home helped Rihanna to think clearly. She was able to find herself a new style among the many pictures of black hairstyles for elegant women. Her intuition convinced her that a short hairstyle will make her life simple and naturally easy. The new haircut was made reality on that same day.

One week after that, Robyn Fenty seemed like a different person. She savored her life in every moment and in any situation. Her inner satisfaction allured nice people to her side. It helped her to feel happier. Changing to a shorter hair style has helped Rihanna to become comfortable and contented with her life. She began to express herself more open in her art. Which now, felt natural and easy for her. That is how, Robyn Rihanna Fenty became a known celebrity face on the pictures to short haircuts for black women.

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