Short Hair Styles help Megan Fox

Pretending to be strong, Megan Fox tried to play an adventurous, beautiful woman to make everyone to like her. The perfectly polished face, the red evening dress and a shiny smile created a perfect illusion for herself. And the fanatic people around her helped to make that illusion stronger.

This strange illusion forced Megan Fox to be very uncomfortable with herself. She began to feel irritated by her own skin, she became aggressive when people were staring at her. The inner comfort started to fade away. She began to feel insecure in public. Helplessly, she tried to appear more adventurous, more friendly and much stronger than it was possible for her. The successful career started to become less and less important. Megan realized that she was not liking herself anymore.

Searching for help, Megan Fox arranged a to meet with her girlfriends. Two of her closest friends showed up with their attractive, new short hairstyles. This came as a big surprise to the beautiful actress, because she was used to see them having long hair. They looked more modern and uniquely different than anything Megan had seen before.

It was not easy for Megan Fox to hide her admiration. Her friends started a conversation about their new, short hair styles for girls and the elegance of the women's haircuts for short hair styles. After a while, all the women were deep in discussion about the practical advantages of the cool, edgy haircuts that help modern women to be stronger, more confident and more independent.

Artistic Megan Fox seemed unsure. She confessed to her friends that she didn't believe that she was courageous enough to wear one of those short, new hair styles for women. Her best friends could not believe their ears. She took her private album out of her white cotton bag and started to show her secretly collected pictures of the short hair styles for women that she has collected, because of her secret obsession for the latest haircut designs for short hairstyles. Megan could understand how all these cute, short hair styles in pictures were appropriate for the women in the colorful photos, but she was personally unconvinced that she could wear them comfortably too.

The round circle of female friends looked at each other and smiled. They told Megan Fox to get up and follow them, because they wanted to surprise her. The beautiful young actress was very intimidated, but followed her friends anyway. Twenty minutes later they arrived at a friendly beauty salon of a professional hairstyle designer of

The friendly stylist talked with Megan to make her more comfortable. The surprised actress changed on the outside. She felt inspired and motivated. She told to the stylist how she always wanted to become more adventurous and strong. She wanted to be like the confident women that she played in her films. She wanted to be reminded of her inner beauty. She wanted to gain confidence and passion for life. The stylist said that her wish can become reality. The solution was evident. Megan needed to change her style. She needed a modern, edgy, hip short hairstyle that can make a woman to feel stronger and more confident. This change is a personal challenge. This change is a personal statement. It is a sign of the personal comfort, a strong confidence and an inner security.

The awakened Megan Fox always wanted this confidence more than anything. A new hairstyling would help her to see herself different and improved. She decided to be brave. Her friends began to search through the popular fashion magazines and showed her some beautiful hair styles for short women. They cheekily teased her with cute pictures of beautiful wedding hair styles for short haircuts, because they all knew that the shy actress was planning to be married again. Megan loved to be surrounded by helpful friends. She wanted to connect with her friends more than anything else. She gave up and urged her friends to decide for her. She gave them permission to choose her next style among the new cool and original haircuts.

In less than fifteen minutes, Megan Fox was lost to the will of her friends. The stylist designed her new, layered short hairstyle. The friendly friends smiled with excitement. They said that she was more beautiful now, because they wanted her to feel more confident and less guilty. The haircut designer was very pleased with the job too, because it felt good to work and create openly. She felt that she gained more freedom, because she was able to use her favorite, short hair styling techniques and short hair styling ideas. She said that her new hairstyle can help Megan Fox to be inspired to see herself different.

The now euphoric Megan realized her new excitement. She felt soft tickles, when she analyzed her new look in the mirror, because she was liking it. Her new short hairstyle had suddenly helped her to feel more adventurous, much stronger, much confident and more independent. Her new hairstyle had helped her to like herself more. Megan Fox started to see more beauty in herself. She became as happy as the cute kittens who play on the green lawns of

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