Short Joke about Funny People

On a pleasant evening had a private meeting at the red Indian restaurant. The enlightening atmosphere made the people even more relaxed than they usually are. Slowly eating employees began to joke about rather unusual subjects of the modern science and the exotic locations for their next vocation.

Two of the female employees began to talk about the new science museum that lately opened it's golden gates for the smart visitors who like to study in their spare time.

The joyfully smiling employee #1 said: "What if we go to this science museum and drop apples from it's roof." Slightly astonished employee #2 asked: "Why would we do this ?" Trying to persuade employee #1 answered that: "We could pretend that we are scientists who work in this museum." Starting to grin employee #2 cheerfully agreed: "Now I see... We could pretend that we are scientists and if people start asking why we drop apples from the roof than we could say that it is an important experiment !"

Wonderingly listening boss interrupted the humorous conversation. The generous boss said: "This is a very bright idea. Scientists can do anything that seems absurd or unusual, because they can excuse themselves afterwards by claiming that it was an experiment."

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Be happy. Talk with people.

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