The Tesla Public Transportation Network with cheap Tunnels and Tesla Cars.

Impressive mobility innovation by the Tesla automotive and The Boring Company (TBC).

Tesla is inventing the cheaper public transport system that can use the existing
autonomous cars as shuttle cars inside of cheap tunnels.

The basic economic calculation is that the existing autonomous Tesla cars are cheaper than
the large and expensive metro trains. The system is cheaper than large tunnels
for the train. Also, there is no need for the expensive underground stations,
because the flexible shuttle cars can enter the tunnel entrance ramp from above.

The public transport stations of Tesla will include the shuttle cars + shopping on
top of the tunnel network. The shuttle cars can enter the tunnel like the antique
cars did enter the underground parking spaces.
No lift. No expensive underground stations.

The passengers will enter the automated shuttle cars on the street level.

Above the Tesla tunnel network. Like in the automated parking buildings.

Then the autonomous Tesla shuttle cars will drive the passengers directly
to their station without any extra stops, because all the shuttle cars can travel
and exit separately. The long metro trains can not do that !

All this means that this new form of public transportation will be faster and cheaper than
the existing metro and the city train !

Travel speed could be at least 50% faster, because there are no stops and the Tesla
shuttle cars will also have faster speed in the straight part of the Tesla tunnels.
Fast metro trains travel at the speed of 80 km/h between stops.
The Tesla shuttle cars can travel at the speed of 120 km/h
in the long parts of the tunnel. Without wasting any time at every station stop like the trains do.

The Result is the faster and cheaper travel to the destination station.
This transport system can operate 24 hours per day, because there are no drivers.

Concept and history of the Tesla Tunnels.

Today and now, the automated Tesla cars can already drive the passengers inside of the tunnel
without any human driver. In the future the Tesla shuttle cars can also drive the passengers
to their home, if the complete autonomous driving can be solved in the complex city streets.

The Tesla tunnel network can replace the expensive passenger train and the
train operation complexity to 100%. With lower total cost !

It is the perfect application for the self driving technology that already exists today.
The Tesla company is going to profit very well from this.

Tesla will probably build larger shuttle cars for this new type of transportation system.
As of today, the Tesla team has solved the hard parts of the concept.
The efficiency optimization for this new public transportation system is in progress.

The future can be great, when the productive people are rewarded with interesting jobs and good income.

Here is The Boring Company page on Wikipedia.

Here is The Tesla Company page on Wikipedia.

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