Simple thank you postcard with a cute drawing

Free picture of a simple postcard with a cute drawing. The words on the card say: "Thank You for being there for me !". The colors of the drawing are happy and easy for the eyes. This postcard can be send to a girlfriend, because girlfriends love to receive beautiful postcards by e-mail. A simple "thank you", can make a normal day to become a very happy day.

The drawing on the card has a smiling sun and a happy person near the orange flowers. The sun is smiling at the person, because the person is smiling at the sun too. The beautiful thoughts and the positive mind make the female person more happy, so she believes that the sun is smiling at her. This card is very good for sending to close friends and romantic women.

The sincere effort of sending a postcard can make the girlfriends to feel more appreciated and loved. The simple gesture of sending a postcard can put a smile on the beautiful face of a lonely woman. The symbolic gesture of sharing a picture can improve the relationship of the loving couple. A simple postcard can be an effective way for showing love and concern to the beloved person. Especially, the creative women love to share those colorful pictures with each-other.

Beautiful cards with messages have been created and posted by creative women, since the creation of the postal services. The oldest known postcard with a drawing was send in London. Soon after the creation of the first postcard. Creative women realized the true potential of the postcards with pictures. Many shops for colorful postcards were opened. People started to send self-made postcards from exotic vacations and for special greetings.

The old postcards from France contained paintings of beautiful women. Those paintings were prohibited in conservative societies. The stubborn men from the governments of those underdeveloped societies resisted the change. The French postcards were destroyed in the post offices, as soon as they arrived in a conservative country. This censorship was unfair to the people who wanted to share pictures. The change was needed and demanded. The change was inevitable. The change had beautiful pictures on one side and a simple text on the other side. The change was demanded and it was very emotional for the people who needed it. This is why the sharing of pictures won in the end.

Today, playful women love to send electronic postcards with cute drawings. The electronic postcards are much better for the environment, than the old paper cards. They are cheaper and very similar to the physical postcards, because they have the same special meaning for the women. Electronic postcards save the trees and the space in the house. They save time and money, but have the same effect as the physical cards, because they make the women to feel good.

Sharing pictures with text became a special activity for women under 50, because they love to send surprises to their friends. They feel good and very connected to their friends, if they can send an electronic postcard to them. Being heard and being connected is very important to those women. A woman is feeling good, every time she is sending or receiving a postcard.

Sending a postcard is like sharing a beautiful picture with a friend. Send one electronic postcard today !!!

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