Vaccines are the best investments in health.

The video about the varicella vaccine injection.

There are different types of medicine. The bad medicine will try to treat the symptoms, but keep the infection alive. The best medicine are the vaccines. The vaccines treat the cause of the disease. The chickenpox, also known as varicella, is a highly contagious disease caused by the initial infection with the varicella zoster virus. This virus is very strong. It can live inside of the body without any symptoms.

The varicella virus lives in the body for the whole life of the person, after the infection. One of the visible symptoms of the varicella virus, are the violet blisters on the skin. The red or violet dots on the neck, chest or the lower back. The varicella virus likes to live inside of the nerves and the brain. The virus is slowly eating the brain. The variella infection can create a lot of pain, at the last stage of the disease. The pain is in the nerves, the muscles and the brain.

The varicella vaccine can protect against the zoster and the chickenpox at the same time, when the virus is not inside of the body. After the infection with the varicella virus, the immune system is passive. The virus does trick the body to forget about the infection. The infected people need multiple doses of the vaccine. 4 doses would be enough for 99% immunity. Each dose has to be 6 month apart. So that the body can learn about the infection and create a long term memory.

There are many investments in life.

The vaccine is the best investment that one can make in life. The vaccines do protect us from the viruses that live in our body for a long time, before they start to make serious problems. The vaccines can prevent many infections and serious sickness. The vaccines did help to save millions of lives. We need the vaccines, if we want to live a healthy and happy life. In this wonderful video we can see an example for how to use the vaccine at home, and why the vaccines are better than the other forms of medicine.

The good health insurance can help to treat the disease. The best health insurance does help to prevent the disease before it begins. The vaccines are the best type of the health insurance, that only requires a small investment of money, in comparison to the large price that we are forced to pay for the classic insurance.

The vaccines and pills are different forms of treatment.

The vaccine can have an interesting effect. The viruses and the bacteria have many families. The families of the viruses can be similar. The immune system of the body can learn about the shape of the virus with the help of the vaccine. Then the immune system can also protect against the other viruses that are very similar to the virus that the vaccine was created for. The vaccines can protect against the similar types of pathogens, if the immune system can recognize the problem. The vaccines do help the immune system to recognize that the body is infected, and that we need to remove the pathogen from the system. The vaccines are like an external memory of our immune system. We can always buy a vaccine, when our body does forget about the shape of the virus that is bad for the body.

The viruses can be very smart. They can live in our body without creating any visible symptoms. Those viruses are the most dangerous. They can infect the nervous system and the brain. They can make us sick and mentally disabled. The only hope are the vaccines. The immune system can recognize such type of silent infections with the help of the vaccines.

Our infections and diseases are creating our culture.

When our body does recognize the infection, then the effects can be very strong. Fever, sweat and the pain in the head are the common symptoms, when the body is fighting against the serious infection. The vaccines can have this effect, when they help the body to recognize a pathogen that is already living in our body. When the infection is very large, then the reaction to the vaccine is very strong. It is very important to be ready for the fever, before the vaccine. Water and cooked vegetables must be ready for the case, when the vaccine does produce a strong reaction in the body.

The parents are often concerned about the safety of their children. The logic is simple. The vaccines help to protect against the diseases that will infect the children for many years. The vaccines may create fever for 3 days, but the positive effect of the vaccine is still batter, than the negative damage that the viruses create in the body. The vaccines are also much better than living in constant pain, after the serious disease does infect us. There will be more and more vaccine on the market. This topic will always be relevant. We must be aware about the new vaccines, so that we can protect us from more and more infections. In total, we can be very happy that the vaccines are part of our magic world.

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