The Weight of Money and Consumerism

Very capitalistic places are so expensive that you need to take loans in order to live a normal life. The privileged people who live in those places buy expensive cars to drive to work that is needed to pay back for the car. They buy houses in expensive neighborhoods. Pay school fees. Pay money for the best university education. Pay money for growing medical expenses that the unhealthy environment creates for them. Try to support a family. They have to work hard to pay back the loans.

Those people force them-selfs to do things at work that they do not want or need. Their soul is crying and their mind is trying to create an illusion that everything is good. This creates very depressed personalities and societies.

Those funny people own more than they need, because they fear not to have enough when they need it. The irony of this is that the drowning weight of their property is going to ruin them. Each object that they own will force them to invest time to use it, to look at it, to repair it, to clean it, to think about it and to store or to dispose it, when it is broken. As a result of this: each owned object will take away the time of a person who owns it. More owned objects require more time until no time is left for the owner itself. The overpowering amount of property starts to rule over the life of it's owners. Each physical object requires physical space, which in result will require more money and resources than the initial cost of the object, because most of the space in the consumer oriented societies has to be build, bought or rented.

This is the ultimate mental prison that is created within the expensive environments of consumerism-oriented societies.

It often occurs in developed countries across different cultures and times. The symptoms of it are often similar. Fertility is low. Income is high. Consumerism addiction is high. Prosperity is high. Cost of living is high. Depression levels are high.

The only way out of this situation is to live somewhere else. Own less. Work less. Live more.

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