¿ Fun Question ? : Could an army or mirrors melt the fortress of the evil king ?

The sun has the ultimate power. The sun sends us free energy and light every day. On the hot and sunny day, the strong sunshine can melt the chocolate, the candle wax and the weak plastic. The curious mind of epSos.de asked the interesting question about the use of the power of the sunshine as a weapon against an evil king that stole a beautiful princes from her home castle on the river.

The location of the story is in the hot desert of North Africa. In the land that existed long before Egypt. There lived the good people on the south end of the river Nile. Their region was rich in silver, copper and gold. The good people were making jewelry and silver mirrors that they sold to the traders of Africa, India and the Mediterranean region. Their region of 3 cities became rich and prosperous. There were rich river farmers. There were rich traders. There were many small factories that produced polished silver mirrors and the metal jewelry for the international traders.

The 3 cities of the story were governed by the elected king and the council of the rich people from the same region. Their region was prosperous from the trade on the markets along the river. Their educated craftsmen made the mirrors and metal products with the best quality, and the lowest price in all of Africa.

The evil king from the sunny desert became envious of the prosperity of their neighbors on the river. His envy did grow into fear and greed. He started an economic war and the forbidden trade of slaves from the river region. The evil desert king invaded the prosperous river region. The desert king stole the beautiful princess of the river lands. The evil army took one child from every family. They forced their parents to pay high taxes and to give them one of their children every 10 years.

The productive people of the river lands did not like this invasion !

The king of the river lands was wise and productive at the same time. He did travel all of his local region. He did look for warriors and the brave men who could help to defeat the evil king of the desert. There were no warriors or weapons in the region. All they had was mirrors and jewelry. The profitable trade did stop, because the international merchants were afraid of the army of the desert king, who forced them to pay 75% tax on all trade.

The wise king of the river made a plan. He observed that the children burn wood with silver mirrors and lenses. He made a calculation that one could use the sunshine and the mirrors as a weapon against the evil king of the desert.

The 3 cities of the river region had 60.000 people. Many of them were beautiful women, happy children and productive fathers who made the best silver mirrors for many generations. There were 20.000 people who could physically participate in the war against the evil king of the desert. They were not the brave warriors in their heart, but their physical health was great.

The people of the river lands decided to produce 20.000 mirrors for every men, woman and teenager in their army of mirrors. They made very flat mirror shields that were covered in polished silver foil. The polished mirror shields were light and effective. They could reflect the light into the eyes of their enemy. The shields had no ability to protect against the spear, but they could reflect the light into the eyes of their enemy.

The old and the small children did stay at home. The healthy men and the brave women joined the army of the mirrors. The army of the 20.000 mirrors marched to the fortress of the evil king in the African desert. On their path, they did practice together to burn trees and stones from the distance. They burned many small groups of evil soldiers on their way to the evil fortress on the desert hill.

It was a sunny and hot day, when the army of mirrors came to the location of their battle. The sunshine warriors took the location where they would be looking at the sun and the evil castle at the same time. The wise king of the river lands made the signal. The mirror warriors took their polished silver mirrors. They focused the reflection of the hot African sunshine onto the gate of the evil fortress. The gate was made from metal and wood. The wooden part of the gate began to burn almost instantly. Smoke limited the efficiency of the mirrors. The smoke faded away, when the gate did burn. The sunshine warriors held the mirrors into the direction of the gate, nobody could enter or leave the evil fortress from that gate. The walls began to heat up. Cracks appeared on the walls around the gate. The concentrated sunshine did burn everything in it's path. Wood, metal, stone, camels and people.

The army of the evil king was trapped inside of their stone fortress. They could not exit. The air was hot and their buildings began to burn from the strong heat of the reflected sunshine. The 20.000 polished silver mirrors did create so much heat that the external walls of the fortress did melt.

The sunshine warriors did use the power of the sunshine to defeat the evil king that stole their children and their beautiful princess. It is not known what has happened to the stolen princess and the evil king of the desert. The only thing we know is that the stone walls of the evil fortress did melt like chocolate in the hot sunshine. Everybody in that fortress did burn in the heat of the 20.000 mirrors that liberated the river lands.

On that sunny day, the slavery and war was ended in this sunny region of Africa. The power of the sunshine did create freedom and peace. The mirror warriors returned to their homes. They returned back to their family without physical harm. The export markets opened again. The international merchants did return to buy jewelry and the polished silver mirrors of the river lands.

Some of the 20.000 mirrors were sold to the merchants from the Mediterranean region. Some of the mirrors did remain as a historic reminder of wisdom and bravery in the homes of the sunshine warriors. The story was told for many generations until it was slowly forgotten. Till epSos.de created it once again, we suppose :-)

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Now the fun question: " Could 20.000 polished silver mirrors melt stones on the sunny day in Africa ? "

We assume that the mirrors have 50% efficiency to reflect the energy of the hot African sun. The surface of each mirror is about 0.5 m2. This gives us the total area of the reflected sunshine of 10.000 m2. The visible energy of the sunshine for this area is between 200 and 400 watt per square meter (m2) during the most sunny part of the day. Total possible energy might be about 1000 watt per m2.

We assume that each of the polished silver mirrors did reflect 50 watt of solar energy. 10% theoretical efficiency, if each mirror surface was 0.5 m2.

50 watt * 20.000 = 1.000.000 Watt = 1 Mega Watt. 1 Mega Watt is like a small industrial smelter oven for metal.

We assume that the fortress gate was 100 m2 in surface area.

100.000 watt per square meter is a lot of energy. It's like 50 ovens of baking bread in the area of 1 square meter. A lot of heat that would bake the bread into charcoal within seconds.

We assume that every heated object would get +10º C of heat per second. About 1000º C, if the sunshine warriors can hold their mirrors steady for 100 seconds. 5 minutes is 300 seconds. The theoretical temperature would melt all stone, metal and glass, if the sunshine warriors are able to hold their mirrors for at least 5 minutes. Even if we assume that they are hitting the gate with concentrated sunshine 50% of the time, then we are still at 1500º C, which melts most of the stone, metal and glass.

--- Conclusion ---

The creative mind of epSos.de created the story of the sunshine warriors. The calculation is not correct to 100%. We can assume that the numbers can be lower or higher at the same time. Are there any historical examples that the power of the sun was used as a weapon on our planet ? Yes, the direction of the sunshine was always used as an advantage in battle. The modern warriors use lasers to destroy camera sensors and ultrasonic missiles. The Greek inventor Archimedes used the concentrated sunshine to create super hot steam canons. Such canons were used in the battle of the Greeks against the Romans in Sicily.

The armies with polished shields have always used the sunshine to blind their opponents.

There is evidence that something melted the stones of some pyramids in the African desert. There are the famous melted stone stairs in the temple of HatHor Goddess in Dendera of Egypt. Those melted stairs of the temple look like they were constructed around the molten stone, maybe as a reminder for how those stone stairs were melted.

---- !!! ----

Be curious. Ask your own questions. Do agree and disagree at the same time. We know that the concentrated sunshine can burn wood. We know that the concentrated sunshine can also burn the stone, if we concentrate the sunshine onto the very small area of the stone. The 20.000 polished silver mirrors could probably heat up anything. The 20.000 high efficiency mirrors can burn and melt anything, if we can concentrate them into the small area.

The 20.000 mirrors in space could burn anything, if the rich aliens can focus 20.000 space mirrors all at once, and all into the small surface area that has no clouds.

20.000 of lasers can create a lot of heat. The 20.000 mirrors are like lasers that are not concentrated. We can assume that the 20.000 polished silver mirrors can create enough heat to make a very hot sauna in the fortress of the evil desert king.

The power of the sunshine can be used as a weapon in the sunny countries. We do not see much historic evidence for this. The war with the power of the sunshine does require a lot of collaboration and a lot of knowledge about the physics. The people from the past could have used 20.000 mirrors as a weapon in the sunny countries.

We the modern people use the power of the sunshine for our solar panels. We also use the concentrated sunshine to heat up the steam turbines in the electrical power plants that use mirrors. We know that the concentrated sunshine is powerful. We can assume that someone, in some place of the galaxy has used this power as a weapon in the fight against the evil king from the desert. Maybe not in our recorded history, but in the history of the sunny planet in our wonderful galaxy.

Be happy and good. Provide a lot of value to other people and this value will return to you in the economic circle of life. epSos.de is very happy and grateful for your time ! Have fun asking your own questions of curiosity and science !

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