Auto Save is Evil lost 2 days of work in 2 seconds. LibreOffice, Openoffice and even the dirty Word are very evil. Those programs have a nasty automatic saving, which they later use for recovery. It turns out that this recovery can delete files that are completely OK, because it replaces them with an empty auto-saved copy. Some programmers have no brain.

This is very bad for the files as it turned out. The document was saved already. It did not need any auto-save. Ubuntu 11.4 crashed like it crashes since the version of 9.10. The auto-saved copy became broke in the process.

After restart the Libreoffice asked to recover the file that does not need any recovery. It just erased the file with a broken copy from the auto-save. Who ever invented this must be a person with no heart. How are my children supposed to eat, when their income was eaten by an automated destruction plot.

Who needs auto-save when the recovery process is not using it correctly.

And Yes, it happened before with Word, Openoffice, Libreoffice, Staroffice and even gEdit that has fancy functions, but no stability in cases of a complete freeze.

The lesson is not to use the recovery wizard before a copy of the saved file is made manually, otherwise the drunk wizard will destruct your work, when it feels depressed.

Dear programmers in the basement. End the Auto-Erase Function Now !!!

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