Asian women love the Chinese new year

The Chinese new year is the most important festival for the Chinese women. The origin of this festival is older than history. The typical celebration begins with a family dinner in the evening before the new year on the moon. After two weeks, the festival ends with a spectacular march of lanterns on the fifteenth day. The festival is very well celebrated across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and many big Chinese towns around the world.

There is an old legend behind the celebration of the festival. In the mystical legend, the beginning of the Chinese new year often started with a long fight against a powerful dragon from the stars. The dragon destroyed farms, villages and poor families. To protect themselves, the brave Chinese people deposited good food near their doors. They believed that the dragon would not attack them, if it can eat for free. One day, an old woman from the village saw that the dragon was scared away by a little child in a red dress. The villagers understood that the bad dragon is afraid of the red color. The people started to decorate their windows and doors with red lanterns and red paper. They started to use fireworks to scare the dragon away. Since then, the dragon never visited the village again. An old Chinese woman told that the dragon was captured by a monk who lives in the forest near the big mountain.

This traditional story was told many centuries ago. The details changed and became more logical. Millions of Chinese grandmothers kept the story alive and it became a happy festival for children and women. For the Chinese people who work abroad, it is a good time to return home to their family and friends. It is a happy time on the street and many women walk with a smiling face in public. For many women, this is a great time for changes. Women have many rituals during this festival. They will put an effort to make their house ready to welcome their guests. There are many exciting traditions for the Chinese women. The traditions keep them happy through the fifth season of the traditional Chinese calendar.

The tradition of sending cards.
Sending golden and red greeting cards is a popular tradition in the Chinese culture. The greeting cards are usually decorated with flowers, zodiac signs, red paper stamps, oranges and golden coins. There are even electronic cards that can play a recorded message. Choosing a good card for the Chinese new year is fun for women, because the bright colors and pretty images on the cards make them more happy about the future. The cards contain good wishes for the family and friends. The wishes are usually for health, luck, knowledge, prosperity and work. The cards must be send before the start of the Chinese new year, because they will be used for decoration. Simple men send the cards without writing anything on them. They just write their name on the card and send it to their business partners.

The tradition of the red envelopes with money.
Money in red envelopes is a mandatory tradition for the Chinese new year. The envelopes are small and very well decorated. The envelopes are filled with money for the children and other young members of the family. Generally, the red envelopes are given to singles and unmarried relatives. The money is given as a gift for daily expenses, for studies and for savings. The traditional red envelopes are simple. They have golden words and golden icons on them. The modern envelopes for money have cute drawings and jokes on them. The envelopes with money are given together with a pair of oranges and friendly words to the relatives. The two oranges are often returned to the person who gave them. This way, both the giver and the taker can exchange wishes without having to buy four oranges. Children are always the happiest people during the Chinese new year, because they are free from giving presents to anyone. Sometimes, it is required that the youngest children give symbolic oranges to the oldest members of the Chinese family.

The tradition of the new dress.
In the past, the beautiful Chinese women had to create their own dresses in the beginning of the year. The traditional dresses were pink, red and golden. The style was elegant, smooth and charismatic. The dresses had delicate flowers and leaf on them. This type of dresses helped the women to be more confident and beautiful. Modern Chinese women buy their dresses, instead of making them. These colorful dresses are often matched with bright accessories and sweet shoes from Italy. The traditional dresses are often replaced by other clothes that are pink or red, because not every woman can wear a dress in public. The modern Chinese women want to be confident and happy, when they meet their relatives. The Chinese new year is one of the seasons for buying new clothes. It is also the time when many young women speak about the latest fashion from Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

The tradition of cookies and sweet food.
The Chinese women love to share sweet chocolate and fat cookies during the long festival of the Chinese new year. The traditional sweet food is very similar to the western food for the celebration of Christmas. The Chinese women eat eggs rolls from Taiwan, coconut cookies from Malaysia and walnut cookies with peanuts from China. Pineapple cookies and steamed prosperity cakes are the most popular gifts among female friends. The modern sweet and soft jelly from Taiwan is becoming more popular, because the people from Taiwan are popular and different. The sweet gifts are usually given to family members and friends. Many women like to eat and choose delicious pastries, before buying them for the rest of the family. The competition among the bakeries is very high. Many bakeries decorate their product boxes and include free gifts for female buyers. Another famous snack is the dried pork with honey. This dried pork does not taste like meat, because the honey is it too sweet. The natural sugar and the fat from the animals make this unhealthy product very attractive, because the Chinese people love to eat fatty meat. The sweet pork slices are very popular among pregnant Asian women, because it is sweet and fatty. It makes them happy. Giving sweet food to relatives and friends is helping emotional Chinese women to show their appreciation for the people they love. Many creative women prefer to make their own sweet food, instead of buying from untrusted businesses. Many married women take classes for cooking before the Chinese new year, because they want to impress their family with creative food and be more popular among friends.

The tradition of animals from the zodiac zoo.
Each new year on the moon is related to a different animal. The moon has a cycle of 12 years. The zodiac calendar begins with the sign of the Rat. There are many stories about the origin of the Chinese zodiac. Everyone can invent their own theory, because it is not possible to see behind the clouds of rumors. The animals in the zodiac zoo are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Each animal has a unique personality. The Chinese compare themselves to those animals from the year in which they are born, because it makes them happy. During the new year on the moon, many Chinese women read their horoscopes about luck and fortune for the new year. The popular horoscopes are about love, wealth and luck. The beautiful words warn the superficial women to avoid mistakes and search for luck. The horoscopes are a very common topic among Chinese women who want to get married, because they want to have insurance from heaven and the moon. Many people do not believe into horoscopes, but read them too, because it is funny for them to make jokes about their own horoscopes.

The tradition of red decorations and cleaning.
The new year on the moon is the time of cleaning for the many Chinese women on earth. Those women have to decide what to throw away and what to keep at home. A good cleaning of the home is combined with mandatory decorations all over the house. The Chinese women prefer red color with popular themes of good fortune, happiness, wealth, longevity and health. This decorations help the guests to feel happy. Chinese women love golden decorations and red lanterns. The little, red lanterns and decorations are also created in schools, so that the children can give little decorations to their mothers at home. The decorations are mixed with golden accessories and cartoons. Those decorations are an important display for the creativity of the Chinese woman. It is very important for them to be simple and effective. Other popular items for decoration are wooden and soft toys of animals from the Chinese zodiac calendar.

The tradition of exotic fruits and nuts.
Small oranges are mandatory during the Chinese new year. The oranges are a symbol of prosperity and good intentions. Other fruits are also associated with the happy Chinese new year. The other popular fruits are: the big pomelo, grape fruits, peaches, pineapples, pumpkins and exotic pears. The men love the nuts. The Chinese men love to buy exotic nuts from Brazil, lotus seeds, cashew nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, melon seeds and red dates. The nuts are often served to male guests by the wife. Each of these nuts have special meanings in the mandarin language. The colorful nuts and fruits are often used for decoration and gifts to the spirits and gods. The fruits are often left in secret places where the spirits enter the animals that eat the fruits.

The tradition of flowers for prosperity.
Chinese women spend time and money to search for beautiful flowers for their homes. The flowers become more expensive, because everyone needs them. The women take care of the flowers. They show the flowers to their female guests and let them smell too. Popular plants for the Chinese new year are: peony, water lily, narcissus, lucky bamboo, the bonsai trees and small orange trees with fruits and paper flowers. The beautiful flowers make the house to become a perfect environment for celebration. Some flowers are also popular, because they have positive meanings behind their names. For example, the Chinese word for bamboo means that things will go smoothly through the year. The flowers are believed to bring new growth to the family. Many believe that the family will have luck in the new year, if the blossoms of flowers open on the day of the celebration.

The tradition of the reunion dinner.
The important tradition of the reunion dinner is held on the evening before the Chinese new year. It is a very good time for the family members and relatives from other cities and countries to come to the house of their parents. It is usually a very noisy and happy meal among close relatives. Traditional Chinese dishes for the Chinese new year are very difficult to prepare. This is why many people visit expensive restaurants. But also, many Chinese women are very passionate about cooking special food for their families and relatives. They want them to enjoy a complete dinner, before the new year arrives. They believe that it will bring luck and prosperity. Many dishes have special meanings. The dumplings are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Steamed fish means abundance for the coming new year. Vegetarian dishes are a symbol of luck and health. White chicken means prosperity and completeness. Lettuce wraps mean fortune. The most important food of all is the prosperity toss ! It is a raw fish salad. This dish has been invented in the Tang dynasty. It consists of shredded vegetables, raw fish and sauces. It is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and energy. It is very tasty, sweet and mild on the tongue.

The tradition of the fireworks.
Happy women love to celebrate the Chinese new year with colorful lights and fireworks. There are massive fireworks in every country that celebrates the Chinese new year. The fireworks are usually on weekends, because it makes the female souls happy. The weeks of celebration include a colorful lantern festival, concerts, flower festivals, temple fairs, food fairs, traditional arts festivals, fireworks and countdown events at the beginning of the new year. In China, there are more different events every day for fifteen days. These events allow many tourist to learn more about the history of the traditions of the Chinese new year. There are also many tourists from around the world, who travel to countries with Chinese people, because they want to be part of the festival.

The Chinese new year has become a popular international festival that brings happiness to the women and children who love Asian culture.

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