Short hairstyles for the wedding of Angelina Jolie

Tired Angelina Jolie woke up without sleeping. She felt the early excitement in her belly, because her special wedding day was very near. She stood up and went to the bathroom. She looked at herself inside of the big mirror. Her long, messy hair made her upset, because she has had this long haircut for 5 years already. It was time for a radical change, because Angelina did not want to be the same tired woman for another 5 years.

Angelina developed a brave idea. She decided to become one of the beautiful women with short hairstyles for weddings. The idea was very irrational, but it felt very good to think about it. Her next husband was away from home. He was celebrating the future wedding with his friends.

The day had just begun and life was simple. Angelina tried to prepare her young children to go to her secret appointment. She packed the food and drinks for the children and went out. She could feel her impulsive nerves playing with her mind. Excitement and fear about the stylish wedding hairstyle was stronger than logic. The adventure was difficult and unpredictable, but the emotional motivation was clearer than ever. Angelina hoped to make the guests to be amazed by the beauty of her new hair. She wanted to become a better woman, mother and wife.

The place for the beautiful change was found quickly. Angelina closed the car and went into the beauty salon with her children. A friendly stylist greeted her at the door. Angelina explained her desire for a short, new hairstyle for women with curls. She explained that she wanted to surprise her future husband with a refreshing face and a natural, short hairstyle for brunette women. The stylist did not know what to say. He just said “yes and no”, because he wanted to hide his silent wisdom away from the ears of the clients.

The stylist looked at the round faces of the children and to the face of the mother again. He tried to be creative and friendly. He opened a large book with colorful pictures of exotic models. The stylist began to speak after looking at the colorful pictures of short hairstyles for women’s hair. He said that he knew exactly how to cut the beautiful, brunette hair of Angelina Jolie. He said that an elegant, short haircut was the best for the wedding, because it is the best haircut for women who want to marry in the classic castle in the north of Europe. Angelina said yes and closed her eyes.

Beautiful colors, old images, lost memories and fears about the future danced in the head. The labyrinth of regrets was too deep to escape, so that it was better to enter the path of new hope. Reality came back to the mind. The children were more important now.

Angelina wanted her little girls to be more beautiful than her. She decided to give them perfect copies of layered, short hairstyles for girls from Asia. The children were very happy about this idea. They wanted to be like their mother. They wanted to replicate her style, because she was a hero with magic power for them.

A simple plan was made and the work began. Looking at the pictures in the book was easy. Each child chose 3 different hairstyles for the strong, short hair of beautiful women from Asia. Having chances and gifts was perfect for making the little girls to feel special. They felt loved and valuable. The images were chosen very quickly. Each of the girls had their own wish for the new, stylish short hairstyle from the dreams of attractive teenagers. Time was not fast enough now. The girls could not wait to show their new styles at the fabulous wedding of their lucky mother.

The time became more expensive. The hairy appointment took much longer than expected. The wedding would be exactly in one day. Angelina Jolie realized that she only had a short amount of time. She was late and happy about it. She grabbed the hands of her children and ran out of the beauty salon. The children were happy and very playful now. They said that their beautiful, short hair styles were so pretty that the angels would envy them. Those words made Angelina Jolie angry. She said to her children that they should be less egoistic and more confident in every moment of life. Just like herself. The girls became silent. They smiled and looked at each-other. Nothing could spoil their mood, because the new, short hairstyles made them feel proud and more valuable.

The day of the wedding was now. The nerves began to play the game of jumping in circles. Angelina drank a cup of tee for relaxation. Her female friends surrounded her and helped her to travel to the scientific church of truth.

The Temple of weddings was full with beautiful people, happy family and close friends. Angelina and her children entered the transparent dome of the ceremony. Every woman in the room opened her mouth. Angelina’s short hairstyle for women’s hair was very surprising and too beautiful to be ignored. Silent words were changed between friends. The eyes were focused on the short hair of Angelina. The women spoke about elegance. They said that the marvelous Cathedral decorations were very similar to the new hairstyle of Angelina Jolie. The men awaited in silence, because the beautiful Angelina would become a married woman soon. The famous bride looked into the green mirror on her attractive shoes. She felt confident. She felt the power of confirmation. She felt excited, weak, tired and happy at the same time, because the elegant, short hairstyle helped her to feel that her life became better and more easy.

The inevitable moment of happy marriage had come for a long visit. That moment was the result of an old dream of marrying a man who is soft, confident, intelligent and helpful. This moment was now. The elegant, white dress and the short hairstyle for round faces were a strong signal of good change in the interesting life of Angelina.

The happy children walked into the center. Angelina Jolie followed her father who was helping her to enter the Temple. The automatic doors opened before them. The happy bride entered the hall and the future of the family began to change. The patient husband looked at the bride for the first time in two days. The bride in white descended to the center of the room. A honest smile came to the face of the husband. Angelina took the hands of her husband and the hands of her children. Her heart was ready. She knew that everything was good. The man was perfect, the children were happy and the cute, short hairstyle for women with round faces was making the wedding day more easy for her.

Angelina said yes without hesitation. Signatures were written. The marriage was registered at exactly 20:20 on the 20th of July in the year of 2020. Love was everywhere.

After the ceremony, the new husband of Angelina smiled and said that she was the most beautiful woman in the world for him, because her new, elegant hairstyle was very good for holding her happy head in his hands. From this day, Angelina was more happy and confident that the short hairstyle was a perfect choice for her wedding day. She thought about her new life with her new husband and about her children. She felt that everything would be good.

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