Blonde Angelina Jolie loves Short Hairstyles

Discovering new inspiration from the social scene of the Internet is easy. Modern women deserve to get one of the best, short new hairstyles for women. The usual source that smart women use for inspiration are the celebrity pictures of short hairstyles for women hair. The celebrity known to secretly love short hairstyles the most, is no other than the amazingly beautiful Angelina Jolie. She is easily one of the best celebrities to follow in that area.

Being a dark brunette, when she and her husband got together, Angelina Jolie has changed hairstyles many times. And not only that. She also changed her famous dark curls into a light blonde tone while creating her new image of the most elegant, and yet edgy, women's short hairstyles with blonde hair colors. How did she find courage for such a big change ? How did she find the inspiration to change her famous hairstyle completely ? It must have happened almost unexpected for her while she was drinking a relaxing herbal tea in the colorful meditation school of

She and her husband, the golden celebrity couple, have been considered as the biggest trend-setter in the celebrity world of cinema. She and her husband inspired thousands of mothers to crave for the beauty of the woman's world. Because there is a deep emotional connection behind the stylish clothes and the popular haircuts within the female pictures of Angelina Jolie and her equally attractive husband, whom even grandmothers accept as attractive too.

The even deeper truth behind it is, that even the famous, stylish, beautiful trend-setters have to look somewhere for inspiration. Where do they go ? Where do they look for inspiration ? It might be among the elegant everyday women. On the street, in the restaurant, at the airport, they are everywhere, and they look more feminine and cool than ever before.

Angelina Jolie and her husband were walking through the airport, after a long flight home. They stopped in a private lounge to relax while waiting for the driver to bring the car. Equally tired as classy, the simply dressed actress leaned on her loving husband's shoulder and whispered something in his ear. He kissed her and took out a magazine from their bag and gave it to her.

She read the section about the short hairstyles for round faces, but they did not look like something she would wear herself. Angelina knows the shape of her face, she knows her weak and strong points and how to use them to her own advantage. She browsed the cute, short hairstyles for women and then discovered a new look in the pictures of short hairstyles for blonde women's hair.

Even though she liked the new look, still none of these short hair styles for women were what she was looking for. She turned pages quicker until her daughter, sitting next to her, pointed at the cool, layered, short hairstyles for girls. Brad Pitt went ahead to bring their other children to the car, leaving the mother and daughter alone for chanting privately about their preferences. The little girl took the magazine in her hands and started flicking through it. All these pictures of short, celebrity hair styles still appealed to her. The beautiful Angelina smiled at her daughter and caressed her curly head.

However, for the elegant actress, this magazine and these pictures were not where she got her ideas from. She glimpsed around the airport, and spotted a blonde woman with a spiky short haircut. She looked edgy and unconventional. She looked strong and Angelina liked that.

She then slowly looked around the airport to hide her interest. This trendy layered hairstyle was still attracting her attention. The woman was waiting for someone. She was hip, she was different, she was original. Another woman came to her and they entered a taxi together. Her friend was wearing a really edgy, spiky blonde hairstyle too. They were urban women. The were feminine, soft, yet also passionate and full of confidence.

The actress has found the inspiration she needed. When her husband waived at her to come along with their daughter to the car, she nodded and smiled sweetly. Once again, a real woman has been the best source of her inspiration. With all the beautiful, short hairstyles, she had to look no further for creating her own ground-breaking hairstyle.

A few days later, the openly happy Angelina Jolie was seen with her new, short blonde hairstyle that made everyone around to talk about her amazing elegance. As a woman who is a mother, a wife, an actress, a special ambassador for the United Nations, a woman who is known for her unbelievable style and class, she was inspired by an everyday woman from the airport. She was inspired by the ordinary, stylish, beautiful women from the street. She frequently takes ideas from the gifted, the unconventional, the original and the strong women around her. Angelina Jolie is inspired by regular people and this is why talented women are secretly inspired by the natural beauty of her elegance.

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