Beautiful facts about women from Asia

Great diversity is one daily part of the Asian reality. The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan are much more different from each-other than the countries of Europe or Latin America. Every day millions of happy tourists visit Asia to discover the ancient cities and try out their famous food. The beautiful faces from Asia have captured the attention of many international travelers. Asia is diverse and interesting for tourists from the north and the west. The different faces of Asia are complex and simple at the same time. For the visitors from the West, it takes a long time to see the differences between the Asian faces. Visitors need to look deeper into the Asian cultures, if they want to understand the beautiful faces of Asian women. The unique food and traditions of a country can explain why Vietnamese faces are long and the Malaysian faces are round.

In the Philippines.
The women from the Philippines usually have different skin colors. Few are white. Others are dark or black. The Filipinos, who have darker skin tones are usually the descendants of the Spanish immigrants. They are small with curly hair, small nose and dark brown eyes. They are very talented in music and art. Filipinos are good with their soft voices and can sing very well. Many of them can play at least one musical instrument, especially the Spanish guitar. They are known to be socially independent and brave. Participation of the Filipino women in the politics of the Philippines is very common. The Filipino women are capable in enjoying tasty food while keeping their slim body in shape. Their positive character and their soft, feminine faces are the their unique advantages in Asia. This is why many young men from Japan love to travel to the Philippines.

In Indonesia.
The Indonesian women are well known for their cooking skills. Their culinary skills are excellent, because they enjoy cooking and eating different food every day. They are very dedicated to their family and are very good at maintaining their relationships. Many modern, Indonesian women are involved in organizations that focus on women’s rights and issues. Their compassionate and soft character is their unique quality. They can be white, dark or black. They are slim and have dark brown eyes. The Indonesian women have a soft smile that can easily put a smile back on the face of a friend. They are the women who smile the most in Asia. There are many famous international models from Indonesia. The beautiful Nadya Hutagalung is one of them.

In Vietnam.
Exotic Vietnamese women have a long history of being feminine and loyal. They believe in the high value of romantic relationships and marriage. A Vietnamese wife respects her husband and supports his emotions. They usually let the man lead the family into the future. The dedicated Vietnamese women are also very understanding and intelligent. They are tall, slim and healthy-looking with a golden skin. Their calm characters are special in Asia. Their ability to show empathy makes them very approachable and friendly. Their gentle character and traditional beliefs are their unique qualities. They are good housewives and very popular among rich Chinese men.

In Thailand.
Beautiful women from Thailand are full of energy and smiles. They are beautiful, complex and traditional. The magical thing about them is that they maintain their youth very well. They have a tanned skin, wide black eyes and lean bodies. The women from Thailand know how to enjoy life. Their favorite skills are singing, dancing, massaging, cooking and dancing. Their sensitivity towards the feelings of other people is huge. This is why they are very good friends. Their passionate character and hardworking nature are their unique nature. Beautiful women from Thailand are known to work harder than men. The exotic women from Thailand are strong and very determined to resolve any challenges in life. Their attractive faces are often smiling, because their positive souls are beautiful.

In China.
The Chinese people are the most diverse people among the Asians. They are known to be reserved, soft and passive on the outside, but in reality they are bold and independent. Chinese people from the north are more open, because their social culture was influenced by the warm Chinese people who live in the east of Russia. They are fair skinned and small. They have brown eyes in the north and black eyes the south. Chinese women enjoy a stable balance between work and personal life. Traditional philosophy is an important part of their life. A Chinese wife is very supportive of her husband. They are very good at cooking tasty food. The beautiful Chinese women are capable of being very successful in a complex society. They often earn more money than their husbands. Independence and financial success is very important for them. Their unique characters are often hidden under their calm faces. They can look gentle, but have a strong character or fierce soul. They can look strong, but have a soft heart. Many of the Chinese women work as successful international stars. The popular Zhang Zi Yi and Michelle Yeoh are good examples of the beautiful Chinese actresses.

In Korea.
Beautiful Korean women are very delicate and kind. They are very feminine and gentle. Family and friends are a very important in their life. When they are married, they spend their time taking care of the husband and the family. They are known to be hardworking and enduring. Korean women enjoy sharing their emotions with their friends. They frequently meet friends for eating or shopping. Latest fashion is their popular desire. Their feminine bodies and elegant faces are popular in Asia, because they look very exotic to other Asian people. They love herbal medicine and beauty products. Many Korean women love unusual dresses and feel very well in public. The Korean women are good friends and business partners. Romance and good relationships are important to them. They love little gifts and enjoy sweet messages from friends.

In Japan.
Attractive Japanese women are innovative and intelligent. They are the most independent women of Asia. Their greatest skills are patience, loyalty and unbreakable peacefulness. They enjoy making art and little gifts for their friends. They are good at housework and enjoy little toys with batteries. Japanese women are known for their humble nature and good skin. They spend a lot of time for health and education. Very few Japanese women are fat, because they never eat too much. They are productive as a wife and even more as an employee. The Japanese women work efficiently and always do their best, because they feel more valuable, if they work hard. Among many Asian women, they are the most capable and efficient at work. They enjoys having productive hobbies like gardening, sport and education.

Today, the Asian countries are opening their borders. The culture and the people are moving between countries. Their cultures will blend and improve. Their faces will become more beautiful and their children will be more successful. The best ideas form every country will survive and make Asia even more exotic and different from the rest of the world.

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