Asian women love the Chinese new year

The Chinese new year is the most important festival for the Chinese women. The origin of this festival is older than history. The typical celebration begins with a family dinner in the evening before the new year on the moon. After two weeks, the festival ends with a spectacular march of lanterns on the fifteenth day. The festival is very well celebrated across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and many big Chinese towns around the world.

There is an old legend behind the celebration of the festival. In the mystical legend, the beginning of the Chinese new year often started with a long fight against a powerful dragon from the stars. The dragon destroyed farms, villages and poor families. To protect themselves, the brave Chinese people deposited good food near their doors. They believed that the dragon would not attack them, if it can eat for free. One day, an old woman from the village saw that the dragon was scared away by a little child in a red dress. The villagers understood that the bad dragon is afraid of the red color. The people started to decorate their windows and doors with red lanterns and red paper. They started to use fireworks to scare the dragon away. Since then, the dragon never visited the village again. An old Chinese woman told that the dragon was captured by a monk who lives in the forest near the big mountain.

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