Dry Grass Blue Sky Pictures

When the tall grass blades were dry as hay, ancient farmers did burn it to fertilize the soil. The foggy smoke raised to the blue sky as this process took place ages ago. Today, modern women plant grass seeds on the lawn to decorate the garden with beautiful green or dried sea-grass blades.

Smart gardening women do know that the natural green grass pictures looks way more beautiful than the artificial grass photos under the blue sky. The fresh leaves of grass are beneficial to health and appearance of the garden.

Dried sea-grass blades appear giant, if you look between them to see the blue sky behind them.
Therefore planting grass seeds is a beneficial investment in the future appearance of the garden.
Epsos.de suggests to take pictures of the lawn to monitor the growing texture changes over time.

Cutting grass trimmers are good for exercising in the afternoon. Fresh air, blue sky, bright sun and the sweet smell of the freshly cut lemon-grass is healthy for the women's men who like to be useful at home.

Make your garden beautiful !

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