Benefits of Co-operative Economy and Co-ownership Networks

Good video about the Benefits of Co-operative Economy and Co-ownership Networks.

Social consumption wins over the individual ownership in the long term, if the shared product is managed and maintained correctly. Social consumption can compete on the total cost of the access to the product , with the highest quality of the shared product or service. At the lower price of access to each customer. Where each customer is the partial owner of the shared product , during the use of the service.

One personal car can last 10-20 years , and enable many trips for the owner. One public bus can last 10-20 years , and enable 1000X more trips to 1000x more people who share the total cost of the bus ownership, maintenance and operation.

15 ideas for Buying a cheap House in Spain.

The affordable home will create less financial stress for the family !

Buying a cheap house in Spain is a great way to own a home in a developed country with mild weather. If you are looking to purchase a home in Spain, here are the best
options / ideas.

  • Search for properties that require
    mild renovation. Buy at a lower cost and then renovate

  • Search for houses that are outside
    of large cities

  • Search for homes that are being
    sold by the owner directly. These houses may be less
    expensive than those sold through a real estate agent with fees.

    • Top Spanish property
      websites are :

Our Wealth and the Economic Competition of the Machine Owners against the People without Tools.

Video of Robot giving beer to people.

Every day the machines work. They create something. Their owners do create products and services. They create valuable products for society. The owners of the machines and tools are earning income. The people who do not use the machines or any digital tools are competing against the people who do.

It is very easy to see who would win in such a competition of the single working person against the machine.

The similar transition process did happen in the past, when the farmers with tractors did compete against the farmers with horses.

The economic value is created when we create something more useful for our daily life.

In the past had to use the mind and the manual energy to create economic value.

The Tesla Public Transportation Network with cheap Tunnels and Tesla Cars.

Impressive mobility innovation by the Tesla automotive and The Boring Company (TBC).

Tesla is inventing the cheaper public transport system that can use the existing
autonomous cars as shuttle cars inside of cheap tunnels.

The basic economic calculation is that the existing autonomous Tesla cars are cheaper than
the large and expensive metro trains. The system is cheaper than large tunnels
for the train. Also, there is no need for the expensive underground stations,
because the flexible shuttle cars can enter the tunnel entrance ramp from above.

The public transport stations of Tesla will include the shuttle cars + shopping on
top of the tunnel network. The shuttle cars can enter the tunnel like the antique
cars did enter the underground parking spaces.
No lift. No expensive underground stations.

The passengers will enter the automated shuttle cars on the street level.

Above the Tesla tunnel network. Like in the automated parking buildings.

English Podcast about the Sapiens Civilization History Book from Yuval Noah Harari.

Podcast about the Sapiens Civilization History Book.

Our world can be the wonderful place, if we have a positive perspective. Our planet can be beautiful, if we like it.
Our civilization can be beautiful, if we like how it creates value for our personal life. All of those things can be very difficult, if we have a negative personal perspective about life and our history.

There is a very good book with the name "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari. This book is about the history of the human civilization
on the planet earth. The "Sapiens" book does explain the steps of our human civilization. There are historic facts. Very interesting theories and a lot of interesting stories from the history of our planet.

Successful Reincarnate Children and Baby Clothing for good mood.

By simple logic we are all Successful Reincarnates, if the reincarnation is a real process.

Product page in here:

Successful Reincarnate Children and Baby Clothing.

When we are grateful for the simple things, then we like our life.
When we like our clothing, then we feel a bit better about our day.
When we like the clothing of our children, then we do feel better and more happy.

The happy mood in the family can create joy and deep personal satisfaction in life.
All the emotional troubles fade away, when we are grateful and happy with simple things in life.

The Reincarnation is part of the spiritual philosophy. Many people do believe into reincarnation.
This beautiful design for the children and babies is made with an intent to create a happy product for the parents.

When the parents feel good, then they can create the good mood for the whole family.

¿ Fun Question ? : Could an army or mirrors melt the fortress of the evil king ?

The sun has the ultimate power. The sun sends us free energy and light every day. On the hot and sunny day, the strong sunshine can melt the chocolate, the candle wax and the weak plastic. The curious mind of asked the interesting question about the use of the power of the sunshine as a weapon against an evil king that stole a beautiful princes from her home castle on the river.

The location of the story is in the hot desert of North Africa. In the land that existed long before Egypt. There lived the good people on the south end of the river Nile. Their region was rich in silver, copper and gold. The good people were making jewelry and silver mirrors that they sold to the traders of Africa, India and the Mediterranean region. Their region of 3 cities became rich and prosperous. There were rich river farmers. There were rich traders. There were many small factories that produced polished silver mirrors and the metal jewelry for the international traders.

How to find out where the cold comes into the house.

Insulation foam for cold walls.
Insulation foam against the cold air.

If we have a kitchen exhaust ventilator at home, then this process is very simple. Close all the doors and windows. Switch on the kitchen exhaust ventilator. Now the air from inside of the house will have a lower pressure. The cold air from the outside will move into the house through the holes, cracks and gaps of the house. We can find where the cold comes into the house, when we can feel with the hand where the cold air is moving into the house.

If there is no exhaust ventilator in the kitchen, then the same can be done with a strong ventilator that will pump the inside air out of the small window.

Are we the one love only OR are we the many individuals ?

The video with the loving meditation mantra.

The creative musical artist "EAST FOREST" did collaborate with the spiritual educator Ram Dass. Together they did create a very beautiful meditation mantra and the relaxing music that does help to re-connect the body with the soul and the love inside of the soul.

The simple mantra would be like those words below:
I am loving awareness = I am the loving awareness = Loving awareness am I.

We are it... It is us... We are part of it, and we can be happy about it. Or did he simply say that he loves awareness and to be aware all the time.

Video for improving the health of our gut and to remove the frequent bloating from our intestine.

Helpful video for the health of the gut.

Bloating and the infections in our gut is a serious issue. The health of our intestine does create a very strong effect on all of our body. When our gut is sick, then all of our body does become sick. The infections of the gut are often chronic and systematic. Almost all of the infections of the gut are connected to the food that we eat.

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