10 Best tattoo design ideas for men

Tatoo men design tattoo ideas for male skin.

Strong men love their tattoos. The personal symbols on their skin have plenty of reasons. Men love to show strength and creativity through their tattoos. Their body is like one form of spiritual self-expression for them.

There are many tattoos that are only available for men. If you are in search of a tattoo, there are plenty of them that have been with us for many ages but are still considered special. These special tattoo ideas are written below.

Male tattoos in the 20th century were obligatory for jail inmates, rock stars, rebels and sailors. The inmates of prisons created tattoos as a way of locking out the society. In the 21st century, men all over the world have embraced cool tattoos and are creating them as a form of affiliation, religion, spirituality and for personal memories.

Plenty of normal men and special superstars have tattoos with names of their children and women. It is a special fashion for men. This fashion is old and modern in the same time. There are numerous tattoos that are specifically designed for the male lovers of graphical art.

Male designs for tattoos are often very meaningful. Male tattoo designs in the earlier history were only allowed for the certain types of men. Gang members carried tattoo images that were similar to the other people in their group. Sailors had special tattoos that were only created for sailors.

The nautical star tattoo of sailors is still popular. This star tattoo has a compass and a small map of the world. The star is made out of five points. It is created in two parts, mostly on the inside of forearms, chest and sometimes on the elbow. The tattoo can carry more than a single color. In the past, this tattoo design was an image of the bright northern star that was very important for the navigation of the ships. Young sailors had this special tattoo design for good luck on the ship.

Chinese dragon tattoos. For the Asian men, dragons are special. They have been with them for ages and they have been having dragon tattoos on their bodies for as long as the history itself. Dragon tattoos represent power, strength, great will and wisdom. Men love having tattoos of dragons on their skin. The dragon tattoo images are often big and you will see most of them on the male back, forearms, shoulders and even chests.

Blue birds is another tattoo design that is famous and quite popular with sailors. This special tattoo design was created on the skin of a sailor who was able to travel 5000 miles in the sea. He was allowed to have one tattoo on the left side of the chest. And after traveling for 10 thousand miles, the sailor was allowed to have another red bird tattoo on his right side of the chest. The bird tattoos are usually facing each, but are of two different colors. One bird is usually blue and the other bird has the red color.

Skull tattoo designs. The skull was quite popular with bad boys in the days of the kings. They boys loved this tattoo design on their forearms. The main goal of this tattoo was a tickling reminder that everybody has to die and it is quite popular with men who were members of cults and evil organizations.

Best eagle tatoos design ideas for men.

Latin, Arab, Chinese and Sanskrit script tattoos are part of the modern fashion. Men love to translate their names or the names of the people who are important for them. They use the translated names for their very personal tattoo design ideas. The images of scripts are popular among the men that love mythical ideas, deep phrases that carry some sort of special meanings. The text tattoos are ideal for shoulder blades and arms.

Have fun. Look around. Find new ideas and talk with your friends about it.

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