Are we the one love only OR are we the many individuals ?

The video with the loving meditation mantra.

The creative musical artist "EAST FOREST" did collaborate with the spiritual educator Ram Dass. Together they did create a very beautiful meditation mantra and the relaxing music that does help to re-connect the body with the soul and the love inside of the soul.

The simple mantra would be like those words below:
I am loving awareness = I am the loving awareness = Loving awareness am I.

We are it... It is us... We are part of it, and we can be happy about it. Or did he simply say that he loves awareness and to be aware all the time.

HUGE warning with the simple reduction of everything into the one. If all we know is a large 1000000km box, then we think that the whole world is this 1000000km box. If we focus on measuring or the calculation of the one thing only, then we fail to see the different options and the whole world outside of the expected result.

We are all one. You are me and I am you. Now, I will take all your things, because they are mine too :-) The reduction of the self into the one thing is good for the relaxation of the mind, but it does not mean that it is the complete truth.

The meditation can be an extreme focus. If we focus on the one thing for a very long time, then we naturally will start to think that there is nothing else and we are all one giant organism. We are all connected = we are all one. Such statements are common, if the mind is only focusing on the one thing only. It is the same as we do with the hands. We like to use one hand for the very complicated manual task. The right hand or the left hand. Not the both hands at the same time. When we use the one hand, it does not mean that the other hand does not exist. Some people have no organic hands at all, and even they like to focus on the one robot hand, when they do complicated manual tasks.

Instead of the simple statement that "we are all connected and one". We are all interconnected and influenced by each other. There are also multiple parts of the soul, like there are multiple organs for processing sensory information. The gut, the skin, the eyes, the hair sensors, the mind, the heart neurons, the gut neurons, the nerve neurons, the individual cells, or even the microbes that live inside of us, and send us chemical signals to eat more of their favorite food.

If we only focus into the one thing, then we miss the true reality of being alive and to have a soul that is individual and more complex. It is like in the basic mathematics. There is the number one. 1 can contain the number 0.5 + 0.3 + 0.2 = 1. It is all contained in one. Or there can be also 5x0.2 = 1 OR 5 different things in just one thing that we reduce to the number 1 for the better calculation or the simplicity of the communication. The one body does contain many cells, that have their own life, basic thoughts, emotions and an individual experience. ∫∑ ≈ ∞

The OPPOSITE of the extreme focus on the one thing does exist. We can also meditate with all the sensors that we have. The hearing, the eyes, the mind, the gut, the lung motion, the neurons of the heart. If we focus on all the body sensors, then we can have a more complete experience in life. We can be in a nice garden and we can try to smell, to hear and to see, while also feeling how our body is feeling from the inside. In such moments we are more alive and aware, instead of simply reducing our soul into the limited box with round walls.

Being aware of multiple things at once is much more difficult than the focusing into the one thing only. It is good to start with the extreme reduction and the focus onto the one thing, or nothing. It relaxes the mind and helps to learn for how to meditate. This is how we can start to meditate and to understand what meditation is. If we can train our focus, then we can start to focus onto multiple things in the moment or a place with nice plants. is in deep love with plants. We love them ! Eat them, smell them, cook them. Grow them and enjoy to look at them too.

The more complicated and the more dangerous meditation is the process of trying to focus on all the sensors that we have. All the information that we can get from those sensors and the mind. This form of meditation can lead to the stressful over-stimulation of the mind. Or migraine or tired brain. This extreme awareness is better practiced in steps. In the good physical shape, and in the relaxing place. It is what some people call being in the moment and the others call to be aware.

In the case of the mantra that we are all the same loving awareness. This mantra is said from the perspective of the personal soul that would like to return to the collective loving awareness that it came from. It is the reduction of the focus into the soul, but it does not mean that there is only one thing and the one thing only. It basically means that we can focus on the core of the loving part of the soul, while we can also have other things going on. We block out the rest of the universe by the extreme focus of the meditation.

The extreme focus on the loving part of the soul is very helpful to feel the good emotion of the love. It does not mean that there is only love and we are all love. It simply means that there is such a wonderful universal emotion of love and we can experience it, when we focus our mind and the body on the love that is inside of the core of the soul. We can also speculate that other living things can feel the same. Maybe other animals, maybe the plants too. Maybe even the organic cells, if we speculate a lot.

The universe is a beautiful complexity and very fun to enjoy. Like a good vacation with many happy places to experience. Stay safe. Be healthy and enjoy the loving awareness in the relaxing spaces like nature and the gardens that we can be happy about !

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