Women's Best Congratulation for 8-th March 2010

Every year on the 8-th of March all the nice men, girlfriends, husbands and female friends kindly congratulate their female acquaintances with SMS poetry and compliments. epSos.de also receives and dispatches a lot of congratulations for The International Woman's Day. This short congratulation text was the best congratulation on the eighth of March in 2010.

Happy Woman's Day !

I wish to give flowers to you,
just because one thought about you
makes the life to become more beautiful.

Clever women love to receive such romantic congratulations on the 8-th of March via SMS on mobile phones. The romantic photo picture was photographed by Jon Rawlinson.

☰ ♡ ☼ ⚙ ⇡

Be happy. Talk with people.

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