Romantic Love Letter to Girlfriend

Hello my Love.

I have been thinking about the past two weeks afresh. Now it feels unusual like a dream and very different from my normal life.

I am glad that we did go so close and open together. Some of my actions and words were over the edge of respect to you. One part of me wishes to apologize and the other to thank you for giving me a great time of complete openness and freedom of action. You helped me to harvest the fruit of any idea that came to my mind.

After we separated, I puzzled what makes you attractive to me and could not figure it out, because it is a complex combination of emotions. I like your softness, your way of thinking deeper, your creativity and your insecure asking smile that fed my playfulness with sweet temptation of going further than it was comfortable for your emotional limits.

The beauty of your character reflects in your physical appearance. You make my heart to beat faster in times of remembering you. I find myself comparing you to the people around me, as if I try to re-experience similar emotions.

Life moves fast. I fear the time to alternate my memories of you. As time progresses, it surely will erase your colours in my brain. Emotions will fade away into blurred fragments. The only way to remember is to express them in words.

I felt accepted and understood with you, without even trying to. You made me feel valuable and desired. The presence of you inspired me to smile. My head was flooded with ideas and positive thoughts. Your positive attitude changed me. Now I feel distant from the time before I met you. felt good being around you.
Thank you my Love for making me truly Happy !

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