Romantic SMS Messages for Good Night Wishes

Here are the short examples of SMS messages for romantic women. Lovers use those romantic messages to wish a good night to each-other.

-- SMS 1 --
The stars and moons shall keep you company and warmth to sail through the night. Rest well and have a cozy sleep.

-- SMS 2 --
Sending hugs to you. Have a good sleep later. Ease your spine to shake up the sleepy molecules. Close your eyes to welcome the happy dreams.

-- SMS 3 --
Smiley kisses for a relaxing evening. Hope you will lay in bed with smiles and a soft sleep later. Honey bee dreams for you. ¥(^^)¥

-- SMS 4 --
Stars twinkle you a lullaby. Sweet, sweet dreams are waiting to be seen. Sleep well. I kiss you to bed. Good night ! :*

-- SMS 5 --
Sleep well and dream well. A soft kiss on your forehead. :*

-- SMS 6 --
Sending a lullaby kiss through the galaxy of twinkling stars to you. Wish your sleep is sweet and relaxing. :*

-- SMS 7 --
Wish to put you to bed. Wish to cover you with a soft blanket and relax you. Wish to give comfort and smiles to you. It is my pleasure because my heart wants it.

-- SMS 8 --
Have a smooth night. Relax well. I wish to cover you with the soft blanket of sleep to keep you cozy and warm for the good dreams :*

-- SMS 9 --
Tuck yourself in bed, cover well with the blanket. The stars are watching over you. Be free in your dreams !

The wish of is to inspire women to write their own romantic messages and to be happy. Thank you for reading !

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