Romantic good morning wishes and SMS love messages

Here are good examples of romantic messages for the phone. Creative women use those short messages for their good morning wishes to their boyfriends. Be good today. Send one short message to someone who loves you !

-- sms 1 --
Smiley, smiley morning ! Smell the flowers and their honey to make us a sweeter day.

-- sms 2 --
I am here to brighten you up for the upcoming day. I will put my smiling face side by side to yours, so we can feel each other's smile. (^.^)(^,^)

-- sms 3 --
Wish to run my hands over your belly. To hug you close in bed. Wish to make you a cup of tea, while you stretch out of the bed. Good morning and a soft kiss on your forehead.

-- sms 4 --
A soft kiss on your forehead to wake you up. A gentle touch on your cheeks to make you smile. And soft tickling on your belly to get you out of bed. Good morning !

-- sms 5 --
Wonderful morning to you. It feels like walking across the rainbow and hold your hand. Wake up slowly for the sun to grin at you and warm your heart with passion.

-- sms 6 --
Be slow and relaxed in the sweet morning. I have reserved a warm smile for you. We can hop around with the birds later. ¥(^.^)¥

-- sms 7 --
Chirpy, chirpy morning. Rise and shine. The lovely birds are waiting to bring joy of the sun to you. Have a happy, happy day. (^.^)¥

-- sms 8 --
Morning, Morning ! I am smiling a lot, because your smile is contagious. Soft kisses for your forehead. Spin around on this happy day.

-- sms 9 --
Happy morning. Fill the day with warmth for the body. Colors for the mind. Smoothing melodies for the heart. Harmony and peace for the soul. I miss holding your hands.

-- sms 10 --
Good morning to you. Watch the fluffy clouds and smell the fresh morning air. Hear to the buzzing bees. Many smiles and hugs for you. Have a well balanced day !

-- sms 11 --
Happy morning to you. Stretch your arms to the sky, so the sun can kiss you. Open your arms, because I wish to hug you. Get on your feet and enjoy life.

-- sms 12 --
Good morning ! One warm greeting to open your eyes. One soft kiss to send the sleepiness away. One hug to start your day. I smile for you.

-- sms 13 --
I whispered to the sun to shine upon the green plants today. They will brighten your day and shower you with fresh smell to start your day. Wake up softly, wake up slowly...

-- sms 14 --
Morning, morning. Good morning. Hope you have slept well. Wake up softly and have a happy day !

-- sms 15 --
I have slept well today. You relax me very well. Your smiles are in my heart. I am sending you the warmth and light with this SMS. A kiss on your forehead. Have a great day !

-- sms 16 --
I hope you had good rest last night. I am thinking of talking to you soon. What do you think ?

-- sms 17 --
Woke up in smiles :) My voice is softer, because I laughed too much. Can not get you out of my mind now. We should talk more often. Wish to smile at you soon !

Thank you for reading. Feel good today !

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