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The Sudoku is an interesting game and very easy to play. The game of Sudoku is a beautiful puzzle for women with good logic, clean hands and golden patience. Sudoku is independent from language, nationality, gender and age. Everybody, on every planet can play Sudoku on, because the game does not require hard math, special skills or exotic knowledge. This game is good for any brain. It helps to stimulate the mental activity and keep the mind productive, when there is no other source of mental stimulation. This game is very good for relaxation and active meditation. Creative women can also print Sudoku puzzles and solve them later, when they are traveling away from home. Popular astronomy teachers in Japan say that other civilizations from other galaxies also love to play Sudoku, because this beautiful game is for everyone.

How to play Sudoku

The free game of Sudoku is very easy to play. Each row, each column and each 3x3 box should have the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The numbers can only be used once in every row, column or the 3x3 box. The sequence of the numbers is not important. Sometimes the puzzle of Sudoku can also have more than one solution, if you are lucky. A number is not allowed to exist twice, if this number was already used in the same row, same column or the same 3x3 box.

Creative women can use strong logic for solving the puzzle of Sudoku very fast. Search within the puzzle for the row, the column or the 3x3 box that has the most numbers. Try to guess the secret number in the empty space. Remember the secret number in the mind. Count all the numbers that were already used in that row, that column or that 3x3 box of the Sudoku game. Look at other empty spaces that are in the same row, column or 3x3 box. Try to predict if the magic number can also be used in that other empty space. Very often, the magic number can be in more than one space. This means that it is not possible to predict the exact location of the magic number. You will have to move to other empty spaces. Try your luck everywhere. Be patient. It is better to be slow, than to make mistakes, because the game of Sudoku is very sensitive.

You can play the Sudoku game on and have fun, because it is simple to understand and easy to solve. Remember to ask your friends to solve the puzzles with you. So that you can talk about this game to other people and share the good experience about this magic puzzle.

History of Sudoku

What is Sudoku ? Sudoku is a popular game that was invented in France around the year of 1892. In the beginning, the French game was difficult to play, because it had large numbers and too many empty spaces. An American man with the name of Howard Garns liked the idea of Sudoku. He created an easy version of the French game and send it for publication in the year of 1979. The original name for his improved version was: Place of Numbers. The idea of logic and small numbers became popular among beautiful women who like to solve puzzles. The normal people did not understand the game, because the world was not ready to play. Years passed and the game changed. The publishers made the game more easy to play and published more puzzles. Howard Garns exited his life.

In April 1984, a popular Japanese newspaper published the first game of Sudoku in Japan. The free game of Sudoku became very popular in Japan. The Japanese people invented the new name for the free game. They called it Sudoku. The game helped to sell more news to people and every newspaper in the world began to copy the idea.

Today, the free game of Sudoku is helping women to relax on the train. The game helps young men to feel more valuable after they solve the puzzle. It helps children to learn the numbers and it helps the retired people to keep their brains more healthy. Everybody can feel happy after solving this magic puzzle with numbers. This is why this simple game is so popular among many different people. The Internet has many versions of the free game of Sudoku. There are small puzzles, colorful puzzles and big puzzles that require many hours to solve. Everyone can also print the puzzles of Sudoku. You can send them to friends or solve them later.

Choose an easy game and have fun !

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