Short Hairstyles for Blonde Angelina Jolie

Smiling Angelina Jolie exited the door of a beauty salon. One of her arms was holding her young daughter firmly on her hip. The other arm was holding her red Asian scarf that she wrapped around her head. The warm wind blew fiercely. Angelina worried that the wind would ruin their new, beautiful, short hair styles. They ran across the small, Italian street of La Scala and sheltered under a balcony in front of a restaurant. They were hugging each other, because it became colder then usual. It stared to rain. Yellow street lamps illuminated their small, Italian village.

Angelina awaited the evening. She planned to meet her younger sister Jessica for lunch. They separated one month ago. She was eagerly expecting to hear about her sister's new adventures. She hoped that they could walk along the beach, if the soft rain would stop. The weather stayed windy and wet. The alternative plan was to drive back to her secret castle on the French side of the border.

Angelina smiled happily about her newest haircut. She felt trendy and refreshed. It felt comfortable and rewarding to wear the most popular of the latest short hair styles for women. She felt luckier than the white kittens of, when they play on the soft landscapes of Madagascar. Angelina hoped that this change would bring more positive colors into her life. It was an edgy, spiky, short haircut. Her daughter begged to get the same. Angelina Jolie explained that it was unusual for small girls to have short haircuts, but her daughter insisted until she got her own short hairstyle for round faces. Fresh thoughts about her daughter's boldness made her smile again. She kissed her little daughter on the cheek and pulled her closer.

A tall, blonde man in yellow jeans and a white shirt came across the street. It was Jolie's bodyguard. He had been searching through the surrounding area to check for paparazzi. He confirmed with a shy voice: "All is clean". He opened the door of the restaurant. A young waiter welcomed them and led the group to a reserved table inside of a private zone at the back of the restaurant.

Sister Jessica was late. Angelina sat down with her child on her lap and took the Asian scarf off her head. She smiled at the approaching waiter. The waiter seemed surprised to see a famous woman. He did not recognize her before, because Angelina Jolie and her daughter were wearing very different women's short hairstyles with blonde hair colors. He apologized for no reason, because he did not know what else to say. The pale face of the waiter became red. He tried to soften the situation. "You look beautiful and your new haircut is very fresh", he said. Angelina thanked him with a bright smile. The waiter placed three menus on the table and went away, because he felt uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Rushing, Jessica finally arrived. She closed the door and cleaned the raindrops from her oily shoulders. She nodded to the bodyguard and stopped in amazement. She stared at Angelina and her child. Angie ! Your hair ? They are blonde ! Jessica exclaimed with admiration, that Angelina became unrealistically beautiful. She became magically wonderful like one of the celebrities in pictures of short hairstyles for women hair.

Thankful Angelina Jolie said: "Thank you. Relax and sit down, already". Jessica sat down. She placed her white Italian handbag near her feet. She smiled suspiciously until Angelina asked her for the reason of her cheeky smile. Jessica remained silent and lifted her French hat. She was wearing one of the latest, short, new hairstyles for women who secretly enjoy Ecuadorian chocolate at night. Jessica exclaimed enthusiastically: "Now you see it too". We have both got new, short haircuts at the same time without planning it.

Unwilling to interrupt, Angelina smiled. Jessica explained that she felt guilty after their dispute about the benefits of sharing a babysitter. "It was ridiculous", she said. I owe you so much. You have been such a helpful sister to me. Angelina smiled again and said that she already forgot about their dispute.

Jessica agreed. She explained that she wanted to share the babysitter, because it would connect them as sisters. She explained that only later she understood, that it was very impractical to employ one servant in two castles at the same time. The united sisters agreed to love and respect each-other again. Jessica drank a sip of water.

Curious Angelina inquired about her sister's adventures. Jessica explained that she became very sad after their dispute. She started looking through her family albums to cheer herself up. She looked at her sister's pictures of short, celebrity hair styles, and their old family pictures with short hairstyles for blonde women's hair. She hoped that the photos would change her mood. She pointed at her own head without saying anything.

The waiter came back. They ordered Greek salads and a Spanish omelet for the daughter. The daughter smiled with expectation. Jessica tried to connect to her. She said that the layered, short hairstyles for girls are wonderful. She explained that they are easy to keep clean and are very practical for playing. She asked if the little girl liked her new hair style. The daughter replied enthusiastically. "I love it". She touched her short, choppy haircut and said that she was looking like her mother now. The women and the silent bodyguard laughed.

Angelina leaned forward and fixed her daughter's dress. She asked an unnecessary question about the source of her short, layered haircut. The daughter replied: "I got it from the hairdresser, mommy".

Jessica breathed deeper and looked at Angelina. She liked her surprising change. The short, blonde haircut helped Angelina to look fresh. It was very different from the long, layered, dark hair that Angelina used to wear. The change was magic. Jessica asked how Angelina Jolie discovered her new love for the cute, short hairstyles for women.

The deeper thinking Angelina, explained that she was walking in the park with her daughter. She felt uneasy and frustrated about the dispute with Jessica. She wanted to refresh her life and relationships. She wanted a new chance. She wanted to become a better mother and sister. After this, it was easy to change. She went to the professional stylist of and explained her wish for change. She explained how she wanted to be. The stylist made a few suggestions and began to create her new style. The daughter was with her. She insisted to get the same new, blonde hairstyle as her mother. It was not possible to reject her simple wish.

Angelina explained that she needed this change to be able to think differently. She hoped that her change would help her to get better jobs. She exclaimed that is was destiny, because it was not accidental that the three of them got their short, new hairstyles at the same time without planning it. This change was a new chance for the sisters to improve their relationship. Jessica Agreed. They ate their salads and went back to the French castle of Angelina Jolie together.

This creative story was written by the talented mother Lory M. for

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