Strong Jessica Alba loves Short Hair Styles

Jessica alba has fans among the intellectual scientists. Published a wonderful fan fiction story of her personal change and courage. is helping to translate this short story about bravery and passion for short hair styles. The personal transition of a woman like Jessica Alba can lead to strategic changes in our civilization. Jessica Alba is an example for this change of society. As a young woman, she was criticized and bullied by catholic teachers and students, just because they were excited or envy about the elegance of her short dresses. Those religious people with corrupted hearts have no power over Jessica Alba now, because she found her personal courage to accept the strength of her spirit. She found her own freedom and style of life.

Jessica Alba was raised as a catholic daughter in her teenage years, but left the church when she understood the problems of organized religion. She felt judged for her appearance. Rude, old men made inappropriate comments about her. The pastor in her church said that it was, because she was wearing provocative clothing. It was wrong, because she was wearing the same clothes as her girlfriends and classmates. Her pastor was wrong. He criticized Jessica, when she needed comforting. He criticized her, when she needed support and protection from the aggressive men around her. After this, Jessica Alba understood that the organized religion was not helpful in her life. The church and religion did not promote strong women. It was against the brave spirit of Jessica. At the age of 15, Jessica Alba started her career in a television show: "Chicago Hope". Her friends from the church reacted negatively and criticized her for living her own life of a strong, successful woman. Jessica lost her faith in the church.

Her Mexican father supported her career choice and her French-Danish mother gave her strength to continue. Years passed and Jessica Alba became more successful in her life. She discovered the sport of golf and loved it from the start. Her life became more interesting and happy. She discovered her own short hair styles and paid a body artist to print a tattoo of a daisy with a ladybug on the back of her neck.

While filming a movie about "The Fantastic Four" in 2004, Jessica Alba met Cash Warren. They started dating and became a happy couple. After 4 years of living together in partnership they actively married and gave birth to a girl with a name Honor Marie Warren. In 2011, Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren gave birth to a second child. Their life became even more happier than before. They managed to become positive, successful and satisfied in life. The strength of their strong spirits have brought them together and helped to overcome the hypocritical rules of a conservative society that was holding back our civilization form happiness. The personal change and an elegant, short hair style helped Jessica Alba to become a happy woman with a loving husband and children. She found her love, because she resisted the power of the oppressing organizations that were holding her back from becoming herself.

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