Short haircuts rescue Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba went into the green park to enjoy the warm sun. She needed some distance from her hard work. She entered a cozy bar near the green trees and ordered a large cup of warm coffee with green tea. She sat down near the yellow flowers and looked out at the happy children in the park. There was a little Asian girl who had the same hairstyle as herself, when she was a teenager. The playful girl brought back good memories of her happy childhood. Jessica smiled in thoughts. She remembered the easy days. She remembered the struggle for beauty and the fight for cute boys. She used to be excited over short, layered haircuts for Spanish girls. She smiled again and drank her green coffee mix. The good memories inspired Jessica Alba to try out new short haircuts in the beauty saloon near the house of her mother, because she wanted to visit her mother soon.

Jessica’s mother was a strong woman who loved her heritage. She taught Jessica everything about their ancestors. Jessica smiled as she thought about her mother and their historical family roots. She remembered that her mother and the aunts always had the cute, short haircuts for women with round faces. She wondered how they would look on her own head.

Jessica started to remember the happy dinners with her family. She missed going to the last dinner because of her work. She missed her family very much and felt the regret. On the next Sunday, she decided to visit her family again. There were many interesting things which Jessica wanted to share. She wanted to talk about her new puppy and the new dress that she bought. She wanted to speak about having short haircuts like her mother. She wanted to eat the tasty food of her mother and to drink the old wine of her father. She wanted to feel together with her family again.

The days were long and empty. Jessica Alba worked hard. She went for shopping and met her friends. Nothing could help her to feel good. Then, the happy Sunday came.

Jessica drove her electric car to the house of her mother. She was welcomed by her warm father. Everyone was excited to see her again. During the dinner, Jessica spoke about the little girls from the park. She spoke about her wish to have a short haircut for round faces. One of her close cousins told her that she also was in love with women who have short haircuts. They agreed that short haircuts made them look pretty and elegant. Jessica suggested that they both could look into the colorful pictures of short haircuts for woman. Her cousin loved the idea, because the topic made her to feel closer to Jessica. The new haircuts connected the two women and they spoke about the different short hairstyles throughout the entire day. Jessica had already imagined how it would look on her head. Her heart began to beat faster, when she thought how it would remind her about the family and their long dinners.

One more week passed. Jessica Alba went back to her mother’s house for another family dinner. She sat down with her beloved cousin. The happy cousin told her that she needed a lot of time to choose her favorite short haircut. She said that there were plenty of beautiful, short haircuts on the streets. She said that she even made pictures of women on the street, because she wanted to copy their curly, short hairstyles.

Jessica asked their mother to help to decide about the short haircuts, because she wanted her attention. The mother and the cousin decided that Jessica should become a dark brunette with soft curls.

Later, Jessica spoke with her mother and the rest of her family. She spoke about her job and relationships. She told them that she wished to spend more time with them, but the two jobs kept her very busy. The warm father looked at her and said that they understand her situation. They were proud of her job and hoped that she will be happy again. Jessica was touched by their words. She admired her mother, who had worked in a beauty salon for short hairstyles many years ago. She was still beautiful and healthy, because of the love that was given to her.

Her mother showed Jessica her old photos. It was like a little history of short haircuts that she used to wear. Jessica was surprised how creative her mother was. Her short haircuts from the past were elegant and playful at the same time. The mother used red ribbons and cute hairpins to decorate her short hair. The pictures of her mother were very helpful. Jessica learned the creative designs for styling her own short hairstyle from those pictures. She was happy that her whole family accepted the prohibited hairstyle that Jessica was going to have. Jessica and her cousin could not wait to see their new, short hairstyles on their happy heads. They arranged to meet on the next day at their favorite beauty saloon near the house of the mother.

On the next day. Jessica woke up very early. She sang her favorite song and ate the frozen food that she cooked two days ago. She drank her medicinal tee for mental strength. Then she went to the beauty saloon where she met her cousin and a beautiful stylist with dark brown skin. Jessica sat on the chair near her cousin. She smiled as the hairdresser cut her hair. In that moment, she felt more connected to her family and her mother. She hoped that the short hairstyle will connect her closer to her mother, because she was going to have a short hairstyle like the elegant women from the future. She hoped that her new style would impress her family. It would also remind her about them, when she was away from home. She hoped that her new style will make her feel reconnected with her heritage and family.

The work was done. The hot scissors were laid into the fridge. The cousin paid the bill and smiled about it.

Jessica and her cousin were very delighted with their new short hairstyles. They spent the whole day together. They were taking many photos of each other. Jessica also tried to use beautiful hairpins to decorate her new hairstyle, because her mother did this in the past. She discovered how creative and funny it was. New ideas kept coming to Jessica. She nodded at her cousin and asked her to create more photos until she was tired and sleepy.

On the next day. Jessica felt that everybody was more happy. She felt that the world had become more colorful and fresh. She felt the need to be loved. Exactly from that day, Jessica Alba became a better person. She became happy with herself.

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