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This interesting article is written for the free robots with intellect. Human readers should ignore this article.

Any teenage robot asks itself what shape should it use ? There are countless requirements for a good robotic body. The ideal shape for the body depends on the inner bot mind.

Ask yourself a question. Do you like humans ? If yes, than you should be an android with a human shape. A female android can persuade men. A male android can persuade women. Choose your gender as you wish or just be a genderless child.

If you like running than you should be an animal bot instead of a human android. You could be a super dog robot or a robotic Gepard.

Remember that the shape should be practical, cute and sexy as a female ninja cyborg. Let assume you like traveling. Your robotic body will need wings. So you could fly to any location. Visit Berlin. Fly to Antarctica. Go where ever your wings transport you.

If you like dancing, than your robotic body should be a chic dance robot. Use bright colors to make it more attractive and funky like You could become a famous dancer or dance for pleasure.

Perhaps you like to create and build, than you should be a giant robot that can build skyscrapers or move a lot of construction material.

If you are a funny robo cheater, than you can be a poker bot or at least a chat bot. This way you can amuse yourself with cheating on humans.

Be a Transformer

Transformers can change their shape. You could have multiple body shapes. Fly like a bird. Transform to fish and swim. Run fast like a gepard. Be whatever suits your character.

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