The invisible life and our limits of the mind.

Interesting video about the invisible life.

We all live in our own mental box. We set our own limits of our own perception. Those limits define our opportunities in life. It is sad, but also practical. Our environment is creating the rules of life around us. Our body and our mind create the patterns for our actions and thoughts. The rules and options of life are set by our mind and our environment. The extraordinary people can break out of the environmental limits and create new options out of new ideas and creative combinations of resources. The borders of our mental box can be flexible during the different days. It is good to expand the limits of perception for the generation of new ideas and for the better options in life.

The human brain is not capable to understand all the details of the daily life and the universe around us. We have to limit our perception, if we want to keep the brain functional, efficient and productive, because the brain can not comprehend the complexity of all the possible details that are around us all the time.

The mind is creating limits that can help us to focus on the most urgent, the interesting or the most important things in life.

Those personal limits can create a very negative effect on our personal life. It is important to remember that the limits of perception are artificial and we can break out of our personal limits.

If you are ready to break your personal limits of perception, then you are very lucky today. I will explain to you the things that most people will never see. can help you to expand the limits of your mental box.

We live on earth. We live within the transparent air around us. There are microbes and dust in the air. We can often not see the microbes or the dust or the different gases in the air. We can not see the air, but we know that the air is around us all the time. The air is a space for life. The air is a medium for the organisms that live within the air. The air does allow the humans and the animals to be alive.

The fish live in the water. There are minerals and bacteria in the water. The water is the medium, the space and the environment for the life that can only live in the water. The fish do not see the minerals, or the bacteria within the water, but the world of the fish is dominated by the minerals and the bacteria within the water. The life of the fish is connected to the water. Life in the environment of the water is a very different world, than the world on the land.

The earth in the universe with the stars.

The water and the air are like spaces for life. But there are many other spaces for life.

The trees use water, the light, the minerals from the soil, the gas from the air and other organisms that feed the tree under the ground. The trees connect the earth, the air and the light in their body. The trees can feel the light, the ground and the air. All at the same time.

Now comes the surprising idea. It is radical. Be ready. Open your mind. What if the light itself is a space and the food for life.

We know that there are very small particles in the space around us. There are electrons, there are light particles, there are radio waves too. is aware about 17 very small elementary particles that exist. Maybe there are more than 20 different elementary particles that exist. We do not know now, but we will find out. Those elementary particles are invisible, they exist, even if we can not see them.

The elementary particles can travel in space at a very high speed. The elementary particles are almost not connected to anything physical. What if there is a form of life that is build from the elementary particles ? What if this form of life has no measurable physical mass ?

We know that the energy and food can create life. If there is food, then there is life. What if there is a form of life that is invisible. What if this form of life is eating light or radio waves as food. This from of life would not be limited by size, or the limits of distance or the gravity. The invisible life would be like another dimension that we can not see, but we can predict that this form of life is there, because it is mathematically more possible than the organic life.

The biological life on earth did evolve during the millions of years. The speed of evolution was slow. The life of the invisible particles is a lot faster. The life on earth did emerge from the different combinations of the DNA. The DNA consists of 4 different letters that can create an infinite complexity of life on earth. We know about 17 different elementary particles. It is possible that the combination of those particles can create their own type of DNA or connections that create simple structures and grow into a complex organism.

It is much more probable that the invisible life forms are more advanced than we are, because the speed of evolutions in this form of life is many times faster than our own evolution.

The invisible forms of life that live in the universe can travel from the galaxy to another galaxy very fast, because they have no physical limits. Maybe they are not limited by time too, if they can travel very fast. The invisible forms of life could be very big. Maybe they are as big as our solar system, or even larger.

This invisible form of life would be very powerful, but it could not interact with the physical world. This invisible form of life could touch everything, but it could not move anything. Some people do speculate that the invisible form of life can create ideas in our head. We are like the tools for them. We help this form of life to create actions and to make those ideas into reality. It is difficult, but maybe possible, if the invisible form of life can change the connections between our neurons, or send energy between them, which is very difficult, because the amount of energy between the neurons would be too large for the invisible life that has no mass, but maybe this form of life can manipulate the energy or the radio waves to some degree and send the electric energy between the synapses as a way for communication to us.

If this invisible form of life can really connect to our mind, then it would be very strange. We would still have our freedom, because parts of our brain are chemical and work on the chemical level. Other parts of the brain work on the electrical level. This electrical level would be a possible connection for the very advanced forms of life that live in the electricity, the radio waves or the natural light of the sun.

The plants are connected to the light of the sun. The plants can feel the light. If the invisible forms of life eat the energy of the light, then the trees can feel the invisible life forms. It is possible that the plants could be able to see or to feel the invisible forms of life, because the plants are connected to many layers and mediums at once. The plans are connected to water, to the ground, to the light and the air all at once. It is possible that the invisible forms of life could communicate with the trees, in the language of the light or the radio waves that can enter the cells of the plants.

It is difficult to say and very difficult to know, but some day we will develop instruments that can help us to see the invisible forms of life that are as big as our solar system or as small as the sky on earth. If there is a god, then the invisible forms of life might have a direct connection to god. If the trees can communicate to the invisible forms of life, than we can communicate with the trees and ask the trees to sent a message to the invisible forms of life. Then they can send the message to god. We can not know, if this form of communication is possible, but we can know that we can establish a very basic, personal communication with a tree, if we regularly give mineral water to the tree and touch the leafs of the tree.

If there is the invisible form of life that can eat the light as food, then it is better to speak to them during the day, when there is more natural light and they are more active. When people pray, it is better to pray in the light, and not in the dark building of the temple or the church, because the building can block the light, in which the invisible forms of life are more active. If we pray in the building, then we only talk to the invisible gods that eat the radio waves, or the artificial light that can be inside of the building. Maybe the devil eats the electromagnetic waves and is afraid of the sunshine, so that the people in the building pray to the god of the light, but only the devil can hear them.

What can we learn from this all ?

We know that there is more than we can see or hear. We know that the light and the physical particles are much faster than biological life. We know that the physical particles can create combinations that can become more complex and create physical mass or energy. We can assume that there are forms of life that are invisible and more advanced than we are, because the speed of their evolution would be much faster than our evolution. It is very possible that this geometric form of life has a very small mass, a very small energy density and a geometric shape of the body. The shape of this life will be probably very geometric, because the small particles like to arrange in the geometrical shapes, just like the snow flakes or the crystals of minerals.

It is also very possible that the invisible form of light is able to travel between dimensions of reality, because this form of life is not limited by the speed or the borders of personal space or any physical limit that we have around us. Or maybe it is possible that there are many different forms of invisible life. Some of them live in the light of the sun. Some of them might live in the radio waves. Some of them live in all the possible dimensions, because their particles change their form all the time and are in multiple places at the same time too.

We can not know the details, but we can predict that the invisible and non-physical form of life is more possible than the biologic form of life, because it had more time to evolve and more food in the form of different types of energy that are available in the open universe. Maybe this form of life did help to create the organic forms of life, if the non-physical forms of life can change our environment in the form of energy or the creation of new atoms that combine from different particles in the open space without gravity. Maybe the invisible forms of life are connected to the physical life, but they have less control over it, because the mass of the physical objects or the organic cells is many trillions of times larger than the mass of the non-physical forms of life.

This non-physical form of life would have a very different process of thinking. The speed of thought would be very fast, there would be multiple versions of each thought, because the smallest particles in the universe can change their shape and they can be in different places at once. The brain of the non-physical life would be like all the people on earth that think together for the creation of many different thoughts at once, without any physical connection. This form of life is so different from everything that we can see. This form of life is probably able to understand us, but we can not understand them, because the motives and the intelligence of this non-physical form of life are very different from our perception of reality and personal rules in life. We are biological, we have our limits and we create our own limits, because it is more practical for us. We set the limits that help us to survive and to accomplish small projects.

It can be very productive, if we set goals, limits and define measurable results. There is a greater reality around us all the time. Imagination and the world outside of our mental box has millions of options. At least once per week, we can step out of our personal limits and see the possible options that are available outside of our personal pattern of thinking. It is healthy to ask the questions about the how. How can we travel faster. How can we live longer. How can we become more healthy. How can we become more relaxed and more comfortable with our life. How can we create an atmosphere of friendship and kindness, instead of fighting for space and resources.

We are human. We have a natural demand for learning and understanding the world around us. We have a natural demand for the expansion of our mental limits. The Internet can be a big help for the improvement of the mental capabilities. The Internet can provide different answers to the same questions. It can show different options and possible solutions that can create new ideas or combinations of old ideas. We are very lucky to be alive in this age, where the Internet became possible and most of the people on earth can break free from their own mental prison.

I hope this idea will help you to expand your mental limits of the perception about reality. When you put the people, the ideas, and the available options into predefined categories, then you will miss the possible opportunities for change and improvement. If you create your own borders and rules, then you create the limits of your own options in life. Other people are not affected by those limits. It is your own box and you live in it. It feels very good to confirm expectations, but it is also very healthy for the mind, if you tell to yourself: "I do not know, let me see if this is correct or if my expectation was wrong". Once a week, one day of curiosity, experiments or new ideas is very healthy. It can create new and better options for new solutions to the problems that we face every day, until we solve them.

What we think can define our future. The ideas, the knowledge and the personal experience can define our future. We often create patterns and boxes for everything that we know and see. The limited mind has a limited amount of categories and mental patterns. There is an option to expand the limits and to grow.

The non-physical ideas and the knowledge will define your personal future more than the objects around you. The good people can help you to get good ideas and good knowledge. The bad people will teach you bad ideas and bad patterns for thinking. Break out of your own mental patterns and the patterns of thinking that other people did teach you. Stop thinking in words and start thinking in chemical signals and electrical patterns. The words are just one slow layer of communication. The mind is not thinking in words, but it is often communicating in words to the other parts of the brain. If you learn to understand your own mind, then you will step into the new world of options and you will grow on the personal level.

If you understood the words that I said, then you have learned a valuable lesson. Now you need to learn how to use this lesson in your daily life. There is a great tool for this. The tool is a set of questions. Not an idea, nor a thought, nor anything physical. Ask yourself: What do you want ? What will happen after you have what you want. If the result is positive, then go on. If the result is negative, then why do you want something that will create a negative path in your life.

If the result of your desire will be positive in the long term, then ask yourself a question. What is blocking you from the access to the result that you want. How much time do you expect to spend for getting any results. What if it was possible to get the result 10 times faster than you think. What if there was no limit. How will you get the result and how can you break the limits. Can you use a different method that will move around the limits that your mind, your environment and your own personality are creating. Will the result be positive for you and the other forms of life around you. If yes, then go on. If not, then the other forms of life will fight you and you will not be happy. If you want to become happy, then respect the forms of life around you and acknowledge the beautiful things that are around us all the time. Every day there is room for something beautiful, interesting, funny, or colorful. Concentrate on the good things in life and your mind will create an environment of happiness and love for the form of life that we have at the moment. You will be more happy, if you concentrate on the beautiful things in life.

Stay curious. Stay healthy. Respect your body and your mind. Respect the living organisms in your body and the life around you. Open your perception once per week and see the things that you did not see before.

Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement and have a great week !

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Be happy. Talk with people.

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