Short Hairstyles make Angelina Jolie happy

The rain has stopped. The trees began to drink the water. It was the time to calm down and think fast. On this day. One week before the magical wedding of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The silent phone became loud. A melody of the call started to play. It was the personal doctor of Angelina Jolie. The doctor asked Angelina about her nerves. He wanted to be sure that she is mentally healthy and ready for heavy stress. Angelina complained that the world was not offering enough perfection to her. She complained that the wedding was too complicated and that the brides must be treated better before weddings, because they have too much emotional stress.

Angelina Stood up from the soft bed. She took her yellow tea from the table under the mirror. The tea was waiting since yesterday. She drank the colorful tea and felt refreshed. Brad Pitt was still sleeping. She looked at him and realized that in seven days she will become his wife and will be very dependent on him. Minutes passed. Nothing happened. Angelina became angry and sad. She jumped on the bed and tried to wake up Brad Pitt. The relaxed boyfriend turned to the side and continued to sleep. Nothing could wake him up. Angelina Jolie gave up.

The bathroom became more important than the bedroom. The water washed away the last sleep from the round face. Angelina looked into the golden mirror and asked herself about new wedding ideas. She counted the guests. She remembered the time of the ceremony and tried to imagine herself in a red Indian dress. Everything was good, but something was missing. Angelina looked at herself and understood that she needed to change, because everything else was already changed and ready for her new life with Brad Pitt. A simple change was not good enough for her. Angelina needed the special power of the cute women with short hairstyles. She needed female magic. She needed to change her long brown hair with the great help of the new hairstyles for short hair of beautiful women. Angelina decided to find her special short hairstyle for the special day of her life.

Plans was made. Strategies were formed. Angelina invited her bridesmaids for the secret evening party. She told her bridesmaids about her brilliant idea for buying new short hairstyles for women with curls and waves in the hair. She said that this idea must become reality before her wedding day. The bridesmaids thought it was a great idea and wanted to change their hairstyles too, because it was cheaper to buy the services of the beauty salon for multiple customers. Angelina became excited and happy. She felt supported and understood, because her bridesmaids wanted to copy her beautiful, short hairstyles for attractive women. It was the sign of respect for Angelina Jolie.

The days flew away. Angelina became more nervous and restless. Her children were waiting without patience, because they thought that weddings were fun and easy. The oldest daughter was very excited, because her mother promised to give her more money, if she changed her long hairstyle before the wedding. The daughter smiled with pleasure. She said that she was dreaming about short hairstyles for girls from Asia very often, but never had the courage to wear one of them on her own head. She asked her mother for advise about the short hairstyle that she wanted. Angelina Jolie was wise. She said that there are too many beautiful, short hairstyles in the world. She said that attractive women have to choose from the heart, because it is the only way to stay productive and happy in life.

The daughter did not understand. She said that she already had the information. She said that she wanted to have one simple and straight haircut. She speculated that the straight style would make her more elegant. She felt that the straight styles make women more beautiful in the eyes of other women. This was very important for her, because she was working with many impatient women in her office.

It was the wedding day for Angelina. She was ready for her new life with her new children and their father. The nerves were playing a wild game of the jumping monkeys. Everything must be controlled and perfect, said Angelina to herself. She went to the luxury hotel of the wedding, because she wanted to see how the agreements were fulfilled by the employees of the luxury hotel.

Everything was beautiful and ready. The yellow flowers and violet roses were ready to be given away to every guest. The weather was perfect. There was no rain, wind or clouds. Angelina looked at the stage and was impressed by the beautiful work of the decorators. She was grateful. Everything was perfect for her. Everything was like in the dreams that Angelina had as a girl. She was ready to enter into her new life as a wife. Tears of joy started to roll down her round face. The bridesmaids walked closer to her and put hands on her back to make her to feel more comfortable. Angelina smiled at them and went to the beauty salon.

Angelina could not concentrate her thoughts. A beautiful Asian woman polished her nails and prepared the natural paint for them. Angelina remembered her beautiful wedding dress. She felt the pressure to become perfect. She wanted to look lovely and elegant. Her red wedding dress was waiting in the car. It was an amazing costume of the Indian bride, because the best girlfriend of Angelina Jolie was from India. She wondered how her new husband would behave after their contract of marriage would be signed by her hand. Fears about problems created more fear. Angelina asked the Asian woman to bring her the new collection of the colorful pictures with short hairstyles for women from Asia. She hoped to become distracted from her fears. The album of colorful pictures was covered with drawings of flowers and women. The pictures offered excellent examples of black, blond and brunette haircuts of elegant women from Asia. The women were very attractive and looked more like mystical Chinese goddesses than modern models.

The oldest daughter walked closer to Angelina. She put her arm on the shoulder of her mother and asked for emotional support. She felt guilty and happy, because she has refused to sleep in the night. She was trying to find cute, short hairstyles for women with round faces and chose one special style that would make her to become like a princess with red hair. The moody daughter demanded to have her hair to be colored in red and closed her eyes. The coloring of the hair was done. The excited daughter looked into the mirror and loved her new color. She asked everybody to confirm her personal decision and smiled to everyone, because she felt doubt in her heart. It was the doubt about her new personality. She felt different and could not accept herself as fast as accepted her new color of the hair.

The bridesmaids noticed the happy smile of the oldest daughter. They came closer. The natural color was interesting and soft for the hair. The bridesmaids decided to support the daughter of Angelina Jolie. They decided to buy the same short hairstyle for round faces. They also demanded to have the same red hair color as the daughter, because they wanted to be a group and a club of women who support each-other. The work was done. All the bridesmaids received the stylish, short hair styles for young women with red hair. The beauty salon became louder and louder. Angelina became more silent. She smiled into the air, because she wanted to hide her emotional insecurity.

It was the time to accept her future. Angelina Jolie became more afraid. Her hands began to shake. She looked at her bridesmaids and at the soft face of the hairdresser. The bridesmaids became emotional. Angelina held back her tears, because she did not want to ruin her make-up. Long branches of black hair fell to the ground. The new haircut became reality. Angelina turned around to see the big eyes of her daughter. Everybody smiled, because nobody wanted to spoil the magic. Angelina looked onto herself in the mirror. She was overwhelmed with emotions. She felt lighter and softer. She felt more beautiful and elegant. Her short hairstyle was perfect for her long and round face. She loved her new hairstyle and wanted her happy husband to see her new elegance.

The symbolic price of the beauty salon was paid. Angelina walked into the colorful streets of near the beach. She was anxious to be recognized by her distant friends. Her husband of the future met her at the local ministry of marriage. Angelina Jolie showed him her new look and his mouth dropped lower than usual. He smiled like a diplomat and spoke like a politician. He said that he could not believe that his wife of the future became more beautiful than his dreams. Brad Pitt began to smile. He was ready to become her legal companion. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt looked each-other into the eyes. Silent words were spoken. The papers were signed. The elegant man and his beautiful woman became husband and wife.

An artificial rainbow appeared on the sky. White pigeons and yellow butterflies were released from the cages. The guests of the wedding began to sing. Angelina and Brad Pitt entered the luxury hotel on a white horse. 33 children smiled and gave red flowers to the bride. Angelina was covered in blossoms. Brad Pitt helped her to escape the weight of the flowers on her chest. He walked to the center of the room and gave a finger to his wife. Angelina gave the magic ring to her husband and kissed him on the cheek. The music started to play and the guests began to eat. The day became longer and longer. The ceremony ended in the morning of the next day.

After the wedding, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt woke up in their luxurious room. The fresh husband wanted to help his new wife to feel better. He tried to hide his bad smell from the mouth and said beautiful words from a comfortable distance behind her ears. He said that he liked the new, short hairstyles for women with red hair that the bridesmaids had on the evening of their wedding. Angelina pushed him away. She punished Brad with her moody face, because he was speaking about other women before speaking about her. Brad Pitt understood the weight of the situation above his head. He spoke in a soft voice and smiled like a politician during elections. He said that is was a pleasure for him that Angelina and her daughter changed their long, oily hair. He said that many people will envy him for being her husband and friend. He apologized for not changing his messy hair and promised to refresh his own appearance very soon. Angelina smiled and forced Brad Pitt to write his words on paper and sign them.

After breakfast. Brad Pitt ran to the nearest beauty salon for men and bought himself a new haircut for brave boys from Africa. He bought wild flowers and mild wine and went back to his wife to surprise her. He expressed his emotions and his love for her new hair. He promised to be silent about other women. He promised to buy a friendly horse and a new car for the oldest daughter. From that day, Angelina Jolie never complained about her husband, because she understood that his methods of apologizing were too expensive for her family. And their life was good.

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