Video for improving the health of our gut and to remove the frequent bloating from our intestine.

Helpful video for the health of the gut.

Bloating and the infections in our gut is a serious issue. The health of our intestine does create a very strong effect on all of our body. When our gut is sick, then all of our body does become sick. The infections of the gut are often chronic and systematic. Almost all of the infections of the gut are connected to the food that we eat.

We love food. There is a lot of very tasty food on our planet. The food can be our medicine. Or the food can be also the source of our sickness. We can use the food to be more healthy. We can also use the food to be less healthy. Our food is very connected to our emotions. When we feel good and productive, then we eat the healthy food. When we feel sad and frustrated, then we eat the food that is not good for our health. There is a destructive pattern in the human soul. When we feel frustration, then our food can become the source of our comfort. We eat too much of the things that make us sick. This pattern is destructive. It's called eating too much, because we seek comfort in our food. It makes us sick, but we still like the taste and aroma of good food.

The major issue with our food is that we eat too much of everything. In the past, the hunger was a serious problem on our planet. Today, we can have as much food as we want. We eat our favorite food every day. It's like listening to the same music every day for many years, till our body will break. We eat too much meat, too much sugar, too much fat and too much of the same food.

Our personal issue is that we do not set our own limits. We do not know how much fat, how much protein or how much sugar we need for good health. We eat as much as we can, until we can not eat anymore. This is not a good situation for our heath.

If we want our food to be our medicine, then we must understand how much we need to eat. When we need to eat, and when not to eat anything. The media has been creating false information about food for a long time. Every person has a different body, we need to understand our personal limits and requirements for our body, before we can make food our medicine. is very much interested into the idea to use food as our medicine, instead of just eating for the good taste alone.

Our food can be our medicine. Our body is very sensitive, when our digestive system is sensitive. What we eat does create our body. When we eat the healthy food, then we can become healthy and strong. The difficulty is in the knowledge of the correct strategy for the personal diet, during the personal stages n life. How much of the healthy food should we eat ? How much is too much for our body.

Some of us can become sick, when we eat bread, milk, meat, or too much fat. Other people of us can become sick, when we do not eat enough fat, protein, or minerals from the vegetables. We all have our personal allergies, that can be temporary or permanent from birth. The different conditions do require the different types of food. The most correct assumption is that vegetables are good for health. The very correct assumption is also that we have to change our food every day. The different food can help us to remove the trash from the last week.

When we eat the same things every day. Then our digestive system can become very sick. The change in the personal diet is one of the most difficult things for us. We become very connected to our food. When we eat sugar, then we become very connected to the sweet food. When we like fat, then we become very connected to the idea of eating our food with a lot of oil and fat. When we like the protein, then we eat too much of it.

The elimination of the food that makes us sick and be a very positive strategy. The replacement of the unhealthy food is even better, because we can learn about the better food that can build our health, instead of giving away our health to the factories that cook processed food, processed bread, processed desserts and processed meat or milk from sick animals.

The issue of our gut and the digestive system is very simple to understand. We eat too much of the same things. We eat more than it is good for us. We forget to change our food frequently. When people like the bread, then they eat bread every day. It is not good. When we like rice, then we eat rice very often. It is also not good. We can make the healthy food to become bad, if we eat too much of it.

When we like protein from eggs, meat or lentils. Then we eat a lot of protein. This is not good. There must be a healthy balance in our diet. We can be vegan or vegetarian, but we can also be sick at the same time. The issue is not in the theory of vegetarian food against the people who eat meat. The very large issue is that we eat too much of the same things. We never give our body the time to remove the excess of the same nutrients. We create excess of fat, wheat, milk protein, plant protein, or animal protein and fat. The body needs time to clean out the old food, and we keep eating more of the same things. Same type of proteins, same types of fat, same types of carbohydrates, or even the same vegetables every day.

Many people say that the vegetarian people eat more healthy. The issue is not about the meat or the vegetables. The issue is in the wrong amounts that we put into our body. We have no basic strategy about the frequency and the amounts of eating protein. Schools do not teach about that. Some people drink milk and eat cookies every day, even if we know that it's not healthy. We become emotionally connected to the food that we did eat in our childhood. Many eating problems come from this good time, when we did try the taste of very good food for the first time. We seek to return to our childhood, when we eat the food that we did like as children.

Some of us are worried about the vegetarian diet. They say that meat is the source of all the healthy things that we need to be healthy. There are many people who eat meat, and their health seems to be regular or normal. They too get sick and old. The meat itself is not a magic food for health. It's just about the taste and the aroma that people like in the meat. It's not about protein, or vegetarian, or healthy or not healthy. We become addicted the food that we like.

The healthy food can make us better.

The vegetarian diet also has it's limits, because we can also eat too much, even if we are vegetarian.

The veterinarian people have enough access to the protein, because they eat lentils. They eat nuts. They eat fermented bacteria that have all the same things that are inside of meat. The issue of bloating and obesity can affect all people. The sickness of the digestive system is related to the total volume and the amount of nutrients that we eat every day. The recommended amounts of fat and protein are around 50 grams per day for an adult person. The amount of recommended sugar is only 25g of sweet sugar or honey per day. The issue is that we eat too much of everything. Vegan or not. The issue is in the large amounts. The excess. The constant repetition of the same types of food that we eat.

The gut must clean itself, when want to be healthy. We have very good food on our planet. We like to eat. When we eat too much, then the bacteria in our body start to grow in all the places, where they can find food. When we eat too much fat or vegetable oil, then the bacteria and viruses like to eat that fat too. When we eat too much sugar or simple carbohydrates, then the bacteria love it. When we eat too much protein, then our body is always in the excess of protein, which is not good, because we give no time for our body to remove the damaged protein or damaged cells from our own body. Eating the same type of nutrients is like painting the wall, and then painting it again every day. It is not logical, but very emotional, because we develop an emotional connection to our food that we love.

The only solution to our relationship with food is to use numbers for the amounts that we eat every day. The best strategy is to have a personal plate that has the correct amount for the food that is in balance with the personal capacity of our body.

Please listen to ideas in this video and do your own logical research with numbers. When we understand for how to eat. What to eat. When to eat. How much to eat. Then we can understand how we can help our body to become healthy and happy.

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