Pollution and Environmental Impacts

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People of the future might be laughing at us for our ignorant treatment of the environment, because we, the people of the present, ironically damage ourselves by our own by-products of mindless consumption. Every one of us is affected by pollution in some way or another. Simple things of our daily consumption seem harmless at first, but after a while we start to see unexplainable changes in health. Finally, the time has come to admit that the consume-oriented culture of our global civilization is not as healthy as it could be.

Living in a polluted metropolitan area of today is almost the same as if you buy yourself a disease for tomorrow. Polluted air reduces the capacity of our lungs, the heart weakens over time and we suddenly notice an allergy that we never had before. We feel reduced, worn out and desperately tired of seeing the signs of polluted environment that makes us weaker than we could have been, if it were clean enough to be healthy enough for us. This of course implies the rare ability of epSos.de to see signs that only affect us in the long period of time.

Hidden signs

Signs like the black spots of soot on the dirty wall near a major road. The poisoning odor of plastic or the artificial smell of detergents that help to clean our homes and also to leave a red rash on our skin. White clouds of steam, from a coal-powered power plant, fall down with rain to pollute the ground water that we drink. We see people with all kind of disease and once in a while we hear that someone got cancer. This all is unnatural. It is not meant to exist in a healthy environment.

As for today humanity simply destroys the environment by producing waste in form of non-biodegradable trash, exhaust gases, chemical cocktails in our rivers and toxic ingredients within products that people happily buy to place them at home. There is no way to stay healthy in such a polluted environment. Just look around, for signs. Every now and then a fuel-powered car passes by, to ruin the quality of your air. The coal-powered power plant helps to create acid rain for you. And the ignorant farmer puts fertilisers in the ground to make our drinking water more poisonous to us.

This is not a problem of someone else. This is also not a problem that someone else created. We all accidentally help to create this problem, because the by-products of our consumption help to create this problem. Those by-products are everywhere. They are the packaging that needs centuries to degrade. They are the plastics in our home. They are the toxins in the artificial paints around us. They are the exhaust gases of the bus or a car that we use. They are the chemicals that were used to create our cloth. They are the ingredients of our soap that flows into oceans. They are the paraffin candles that help us to pollute our own air. They are the formaldehydes that were used to create our furniture. This keeps going on and on, until we start to ignore the pollution that our modern life-styles helped to create. Gradually, we start to accept environmental pollution, because it is everywhere and we became adapted to it so much that we even forgot how a healthy environment should look like.

Clever Solutions

This self-destruction has to stop. Someone has to solve it all for us. The problem is that no single individual, no organization and no country alone could do this on the global scale. At least one third of the global population has to change their consumer behavior to make it impossible for the others to ignore the accumulated demand for healthier products. We have to stop buying products that are harmful to the environment and ourselves. We have to stop burning stuff to create electricity or to move the car. We have to start buying natural products instead of poisoning ourselves with artificial chemicals, stinking plastics, synthetic detergents, fossil fuels and other profitable inventions that harm us for our ignorance. We should prefer biodegradable materials, that have a chance to degrade after we no longer need them. And finally, we should stop buying products form people who make us to poison ourselves or our environment, just to improve their profit.

Solutions are already available. Efficient technologies and products made of natural materials are already on the market. We just need to buy them instead of the polluting ones.

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