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Feeling emotionally stronger Shakira awakened from the deep effect of organic mate tea. She was surrounded by her family which made her feel accepted and understood. Her beautiful sisters started to talk about Internet based democracy and practical benefits of electric cars. It surprised Shakira. She felt that she did not know her own sisters anymore. She felt disconnected. Their new, cute hairstyles for short hair cuts of women with natural brunette charters made her realize that she became distant from her family. She felt becoming distant from her own name: Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

Sitting between her sisters, Shakira pretended to feel comfortable on the outside, but in reality her soul was raging. She searched for a reason to blame someone or something that disconnected her form the people she loved. She blamed her secret affair with Rafael Nadal. She blamed her attractive background dancers with their medium layered hairstyles of short hair cuts for women who are able to think as deep as epSos.de. She blamed her successful career that limited her free time. And finally, Shakira realized that her disconnection from the family was a natural consequence of her lifestyle. She realized that she neglected the people who loved her, because she invested to much time into becoming a popular celebrity icon of the really cute short haircut styles for women hair extensions.

Falling down from the throne of her own ego, Shakira went into a state of an emptied mind. She understood that she had cheated herself into an alternative personality. Her true identity was lost between work and desire for achievement. Her soul became silent and weak under the effect of a growing success. Tears ran down her cheeks. She understood that the true happiness for her was to reconnect with her family again.

Knowing what she wanted Shakira made a plan to reconnect to her family by styling herself similar to her sisters beautiful women's hair cut styles for short hair colors of brunettes. She hoped that copying their appearance would make her more connected to them, because she would be reminded of her sisters each time she looks into the mirror. This intelligent idea ignited new hope for happiness in her heart.

Unable to wait longer Shakira opened her family photo album with photos of her sisters. She wanted to use their pictures of short hairstyles for women hair salons where she hoped to become the exact copy of her sister Patricia. She compared her round face to the face of her sister. The face did not match. She helplessly tried to imagine herself with her sister's short layered hair cuts for women of Latin America. Her fantasy about copying her sisters look faded away, because her sister had no curls, which made it harder to her copying them for her own look of the medium curly hairstyles for short hair cuts of female brunettes with blonde streaks.

Having one sister is good. Having three of them is even better. Shakira turned her attention to her next sister Lucy in search of her new hair style photo examples that would emotionally reconnect her to the family again. She was in luck, because her sister Lucy had a charming appearance of the epSos.de magazine models in the short hair cut pictures of the latest fashion style trends. She carefully reviewed the natural look of her stylish sister Lucy. The round face and an attractive smile of Lucy was very similar to an identity that Shakira hoped to replicate for herself.

Tears of joy ran down the red, round cheeks of Shakira as she discovered an old photo of her sassy sister Lucy where her excellent elegance was a perfect example for the beautiful, black short hair styles for women styling with natural cosmetic products by a cute black hairstylist in a hair salon of beauty and waxing. Smiling Shakira dried her tears. New hope spread itself inside her fast beating heart. On the next day, she visited a professional stylist for copying the look of her elegant sister Lucy. This new look helped her to think different. It helped to change her identity. She began to spend more time with her family and beloved friends. After two years have passed, her new happiness helped her to forget that she was an identity crisis before. Life became more complete on the emotional level. And the colors became bright again.

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